Bob, a tabby Manx, became a very much loved part of our family as a tiny kitten.

The day I brought him home from the humane society he decided his main role was to inspect everything, both indoors and out.

He is one of the most inquisitive kitties we have ever had. His very favorite place to inspect is an open closet or cabinet (see photo). Bags are also a special treat for him (see photo).

I wish I had been fast enough to capture a classic photo of him with his two front feet on the octagonal window in the stairs watching the gardener at work.

Bob is a loving, friendly and playful kitty and he has brought so very much joy into our home.


-Sandy Edmunson US


A Cats Purr

"Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr ...

A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves - that we are nice."

Roger A Caras

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