19 years ago on April 12th I was managing a construction clean-up in a newly built high school. At lunch, sitting on some (furniture and wall unit cabinet) skids, I heard meows coming out of one of the new, just off the truck from Missouri, cabinets. I cut the shipping bands and out jumped "Miss Kitty" a pregnant Siamese mix cat.

I picked her up took her over where I was eating and she ate my ham sandwich, lattice-tomato and all and drank black cold coffee and stuck with me like glue. She hissed and showed her teeth at everyone else but me.


I put her in the truck and took her home. I left a note for my wife that we had a new house guest and went back to work. Kirsten came home, got hissed at bit, scratched and she left to go to the Doc's for a shot and clean-up from the attack. I, unknowing, came home to the sweetest cat I had ever known. Kirsten came home to the Tasmanian devil on steroids. She wanted her gone but "Miss Kitty" had to be quarantined for 10 days and the humane society would not take her until the kittens were born. 

Miss Kitty called a semi-truce -- no biting or attacks -- but no touch. She finally delivered and she was breech and stuck. I called the vet and he told me what to do and after much pushing and shoving I got the first kitten out with a broken tail, this was Miss Kitty’s baby.  Kirsten got the next 2 out after hours of labour and helping. 

Mom rejected the two boys born next 1: Yummy and 2: Tigger. Both of the males were over 7 inches long. We bottle fed them from day one. Her daughter would not let anyone come near her and her Mom protected her with vengeance.

We found a Hobby farmer who wanted a big mean cat that was fixed (we fixed her and paid for her daughter to be fixed) Mon was white and gray and blue striped where a Siamese is dark. She weighed over 19 lbs and would attack just about anything (paper boy/pizza man/ gas meter reader/ every dog on the neighbour hood), but just adored the hobby farmer we gave her to. (Thank God)

The boys are family. Unfortunately Yummy got an impacted bowel that ruptured and we had to put him down at 17 ½. I still cry over that. Tigger comes when called, can open cupboards, carries on conversations, (Yummy really talked). Now he sleeps 21 hours, eats 3 hours and sleeps where ever he wants.

We have 2 new "free" cats (who ever tells you there is such a thing as a free cat is a *&^%$#@?><:"[+-*/ .in Cat talk that is). They are great but don’t have the same brains or are as loving as Tigger and Yummy. 

Tigger is a tabby, has the largest feet I have ever seen on a cat. He’s really a good guy. My bed buddy. Far more sedate then the upstarts. He looks with disdain at their activities. But of course they are cats. He is not. He only eats cooked turkey (VET'S orders). Life can be hard.

I think this is probably enough for now but I could go on about his life with Tweetie and Tristan, you know - those upstarts from rescue.

Ham (US)

One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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