JinxSometimes I feel like the 13 years I spent as a tutor were wasted time. I still had cats, but wasn’t as into trying to help as many as I could back then. Lets just say cats were my hobby instead of my life. As a tutor, I mainly worked with high school kids, either ones that were home with a long term illness or ones that were on a long term suspension. I truly enjoyed working with students, not so much dealing with teachers or going into the homes of smokers.

I guess I was meant to be in some places even back then so I could help cats. That is how I found my third kitty, Jinx. In the Fall of 2002, I was working with an 8th grade student whose family didn’t have pets. A black kitten showed up in their yard so they asked me if I wanted him. They were not planning to feed him or find him a home so I immediately said I would take him.

About a month before this happened, I can recall telling someone that I was going to have a black cat someday. Now, if only everything worked out that well. I’d like lots of money to donate to cat shelters someday. I will let you know how that works out J

JinxIn case you haven’t already guessed, I chose his name from Jinxy cat in the Meet the Parents movie which had come out in 2000. I liked the name plus I figured many feel black cats are bad luck so Jinx it was. The funny part is, I am such a superstitious person, but not about black cats. I won’t go under a ladder, I salt anything I get that is used, no bird items in the house, etc. I could write a book about all the superstitions I believe, but for some reason black cats are exempt. Actually, all cats are - I know some countries find white cats bad luck and I have some of those too.

Jinx was old enough to be away from his mother , but I don’t know where he appeared from or where his family was. He was fearful and difficult to catch. He also liked to run through doors which is still true today. I couldn’t catch him to take him home, but he ran right into this student’s house. It took a while, but I was able to catch him. Luckily, I had brought my cat carrier to put him into. I was bleeding by the time I got him locked in though.

From the start, Jinx had sharp claws that he could really dig into one’s skin. I know he doesn’t mean to hurt me, but he has on numerous occasions out of fear. I am ashamed to admit that I once considered getting him declawed. I have always been against declawing, but he had hurt my husband and I so many times during his first year with us that I was thinking there was no choice.

While the weather was still warm enough, we kept him on the enclosed porch. The problem with that was any time a door opened, he went through. That meant he either went running through our house and going after the other cats or going outside. When he ran outside, he would panic and run right across the street into the field where my husband’s father had an old unoccupied chicken pen. Once he got into that, it was not easy to coax him out. There was also the danger of him getting run over by a car on his way over to it.

When I say he went after the other cats, I mean he was ready to kill. I tried to integrate him by following all the usual procedures of segregating, meeting briefly, etc. None of that worked with Jinx. He immediately would knock the others down and bite their neck. I know that is fear, but I still haven’t figured out how to solve that issue so he is segregated. I have applied for the show Cat Daddy to get help with these issues, but never get chosen. I could give them a whole season of episodes with all my cats.

Back to the declawing…. one time, a service man showed up early when Jinx was still in the enclosed porch. I grabbed him before I opened the door so he wouldn’t run outside. When he saw the man, he got scared and jumped onto my head. I ended up with a claw sheath in the eyelid. I can usually take pain, but that brought me to tears. I was so upset that day that I actually called for a price on declawing. I never made an appointment though. I decided I just had to be more careful near those deadly weapons.

I realize this sounds like Jinx is a terror, but he is actually a sweet kitty. His purr is a wonderful rumble and he loves to play, especially with glittery balls and catnip bubbles. He also loves a Cat TV DVD I play for him sometimes. There is one part in it with a seagull that he is always ready to try to grab through the television.

Jinx has been a challenge, but he has also been a joy. I believe I was meant to rescue him because someone else may have had him declawed or taken him to a shelter where he could have been euthanized. And my luck has only improved since adopting him so maybe black cats are good luck.


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