You have a happy Valentine's Day!!!  

Stormy here 

I am sorry I haven’t written since summer.  It has been a long time of Keys and Ham being in and out of the hospital. I have just been nursing Keys since Halloween. She has had surgeries and MRSA and had to have a PICC line for 6 weeks. Ham had to put medicine in the PICC line every 12 hours and Keys just slept because the medicine was so hard on her body, along with the infection. So I, Tweetie and Tristan have been nursing 24/7 this whole fall and winter.

I have a few pictures of us, snuggling with Keys in her power chair. She couldn’t go up stairs to bed because she was too weak, so she slept in the chair. Always one or all of us, were with her. Tweetie would lick her forehead when Keys’ fever made it moist. I like to snuggle on her tummy and Tristan kept her legs warm.

Keys was in the hospital on Christmas Eve and day and that made for lonely days. Not that we were forgotten. Ham put out shrimp, cooked turkey liver, canned in brine sardines, some canned crab, cat-grass and catnip. It was a fine spread. Ham put my shrimp in a bowl of water. I like to pick them out with one claw and eat them wet (like a North-American raccoon). But we really waited until Keys got home to feast.

Love is a funny thing. We love Keys (and Ham). We three get real lonely and unhappy when she can’t be here or is very sick. When she came home, we would hear the garage door open, we three would be at the door waiting. I love to do the leg figure ‘8’. Tristan and Tweetie do the head butt and leg rub. Then Tweetie has to clean Keys up. Tweetie doesn’t like the sick smell and washes Keys up as she sleeps in the chair. She also checks her hair for snarls and chews them out. When she has Keys clean and proper she snuggles on her chest and neck and purrs - purrs and purrs. I know that all our purring is like ‘medicine of LOVE’.  I and Tristan purr when snuggling with Keys or Ham.

I talked to Sam and Ollie about Pauline before Christmas, Pauline also was very, very sick. (So was Pauline’s Lawrence). Sam and Ollie also know the ‘medicine of love’. They were really upset over how sick Pauline was. She was unable to work and they were afraid they were going to lose her. They were nursing as we three do. 

This all happened, just when Pauline put out all that money for all of ours’ new Daily Mews web site, and all the new programs and that special person she hired to work on the web site. Then she got sick. And now Sam is sick - he has kidney disease!

Isn’t it funny how when you’re down and out, and out on limb, fate gives us a kick? Ham said friends help friends and we helped a little.  The USA and England are just a key tap a way. I hope others help The Daily Mews, a little too, now that the web site is running. A lot of ‘littles’ sure would help Sam and Ollie put things right.

 My Ham is going back into the hospital soon for more “cut and patch” as he says. Those chemicals that ate up his legs keep making other things go wrong. Skin on his legs, bone marrow, kidneys and the veins to his heart all got really messed up. Ham gets transfusions because they can’t get all the chemicals out of his body to make things right.

Ham says he has good bad luck. That means he got really messed up and will always be messed up, but the good Docs can keep his motor running. He says Keys is that way too. And, Pauline with her cured leukemia and bone marrow transplants is too.  I bet a lot of you out there are bearers of “Good-Bad luck” too.  We love you for it.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day for the Startup of the new look Daily Mews, don’t you think. We all love the relationship of kitties and people. I love and am brought to ‘alligator tears’ over the memories of those puurrsons that have passed on.

Please, kiss and make-up if you need too. We all need hugs and rubs. That goes for people too. Be kind, giving and loving. There is just too much hate and violence in the world. People can do terrible things to each other and us defenseless puurrsons (and darn doggies too).

Be sure to give catnip and Chocolates today. I like my chocolate mixed with almond milk and a little whipped cream please.

Today is the day to be lovers not fighters. Be kind and giving today.

BAST’s best! Keep purring. And a good tummy rub (people too).

Bye for now, STORMY


Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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