Well, Hi there!

I'm Pip - full name Phillip. My human Mam thought maybe cos Floot isn't here anymore you wouldn't mind if I took over her column (big paws to fill, mind) and update you as to what is happening in our village on Thassos?

Here's my story:

I was brought to the Wiles’ household last summer, aged about 3 months - according to the 'Parents'- by a really nice cat with 1 eye, namely Jack, who I am sure Floot will have mentioned.

The human parents didn't know what to do as they decided, after so many tragedies/losses of cats (little did they know there was more to come), they wouldn't have anymore 'pet cats'; that is, those of us who are neutered and looked after, as well as being allowed inside. They tried to explain this to Jack whilst I just sat there hoping, ‘please, please let me stay?’ Anyway, as it was Jack's choice, they relented and I was let in! Hurrah. Don't know where my name came from; human Mam just said I looked like 'a Pip', whatever that means.

But tragedy again struck when 2 weeks later Jack disappeared. Human Mam hopes as he was so lovely and only had 1 eye someone adopted him. ‘C’est la vie!’

So, I'm left to ingratiate myself with the rest of the cats, four aloof females and one very pleasant tom, Pete, of course! Mind, it was hard work.  It didn't matter what I did, though, they wouldn't be mollified, especially Freddie. She hated me, still spits at me every so often! I tried everything: chasing toys, belly rolls, but at least the 'Parents' took to me.

Pip the whingerMind, when it comes to food I don't shut up till I've had a large variety every time. Human Mam sometimes calls me the 'Ginger Whinger'. 


My favourite thing is lying on my back in Human Dad's arms (or Mam's if she can catch me) and he tickles my chin. It sends me to sleep and I just stretch out my front and back legs, staying there as long as I can. It's heaven. Mind, I'm not even quiet then.  I like to meow away in my sleep. The humans think it's quite hilarious!

Rosie's broodOur garden is full of cats and kittens at the moment, supposedly my half siblings. The Human Parents are feeding 3 females: (Ruli, Rini and Rosie) and one tom (Rudi - cos of his red nose) and, although I'm not very good with numbers, there’s about 13 kittens ranging from 8 weeks to 3 months.

​Rosie’s brood 

All the females had a litter! Although the Human Parents said no more in the house I can see them getting attached to some of them. Two, especially. Rocky who looks like Floot except he has a black smudge on his nose and is the most adventurous of his siblings, and Gremlin who looks more and more like Black Pete! Strangely, nearly all the kittens seem to be boys, even those born nearby are male! Human Mam says it's nature's way of compensating for something, not sure what she's on about. She has some weird ideas sometimes! But she loves me so who cares?

​I don't stay home much at the moment.  It's so hot. But the other day we had a mega thunderstorm so I slept in the house all day. Human Mam thought it was great, she seems very lonely and sad without Floot and Pete. But I do try to make her smile at least once a day by doing a roll or giving her kisses.

We are gearing up for the village's yearly celebration on 15th August and it's getting very noisy,  especially at night! I tend to go and hide, only coming back to see what morsels Human Mam can tempt me with. She tells us all to be careful as 'cats disappear at this time of year' apparently, so I try to stay in for a few hours to keep her happy. Freddie, (Floot's Mam), won't go across the doors (that’s Geordie speak for not going out!) so Floot's litter tray has resurfaced much to Human Dad's chagrin. Still it's better than him having to clear up 'accidents' from Freddie every morning! 

Well, folks that's about it for now.

See you soon​

Pip of Panagia


Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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