I’m sure you would all like to know more about Biskit, as he seems to attract attention like a fridge magnet. Indeed, the mere opening of the fridge door is the signal for him to weave his spell on our keepers to give him [and, I must admit Daisy too] cooked chicken.

After 12 days in the cattery, my tolerance for him has moved up a few notches, but I still give him-to which he seems unmoved-a full hiss every so often.

However, I have moved away from sleeping next to the cat flap, so he now uses it as he should.

He still has a habit our keepers find annoying. He goes out at around 10 p.m. and stays out. Because he was a street cat, they have to call him in, as he-like all of us felines-just sits outside for hours. They key will be when it rains. What cat likes rain?

My indulgence is the cat brush. The mere waving of it gets me to forget my normally wary mood, and I mither my male keeper for a nightly brush by jumping on his lap.

Daisy has been chewing herself again. She is allergic to fleas and bites herself raw every few months. So, it’s ‘off to the vet’ for an injection and flea treatment. As most of you will know, too much steroid treatment is very bad for our and your health. Which leads me nicely into this month’s rant.

I have no doubt that the overwhelming majority of people who want to become vets or doctors deserve our respect, as their calling is to serve humanity and felinity. I’m sure felinity is not a word, but who cares, you get the drift.

The problem remains with the system, and vested interests that have infiltrated it and corrupted it.

Cats and humans are not machines. Our bodies are of a level of [divine] intelligence that humans will never fathom. Slicing up frogs on ‘O’ level biology courses [which was why my male keeper refused to study it in 1966, despite his deep interest in the subject, is a metaphor for the whole rotten barrel.

Once an animal or person is dead, their life force has been withdrawn by the Great Cat/God. It is the life force that should be revered and celebrated, the vet/doctor within that works 100% of the time during our earthly life span. The vet within cannot be cut out and placed in a dish.

We, all sentient beings, are [divine, in case you forget], to paraphrase da Vinci’s comment about cats, a ‘masterpiece.’ Knowing our body’s structure, how we function, what serves what is essential knowledge. And I know my make keeper is more than grateful for being patched up after some broken bones in his youth. But wouldn’t it make sense to work with the divine intelligence, that which heals us continuously, that which cannot be overridden by cutting and slicing, irradiating and poisoning?

Some of you humans are desperate to become trans-humanised. You silly sods wear glasses with built in computer screens. Some of you tragic fools want to be micro-chipped [like us] so your body can become, as one truly insane woman [Regina Dugan] who used to work for the US Department of Death, an ‘authentication token.’ Take this step and you are a cats’ whisker from slavery. Check it out for yourself.

This trend-as with all things on this earth-despite having some advantages, especially for those who have lost limbs etc. has to be reversed.

The Great Cat has provided everything we need to keep us healthy in nature. Check out turmeric, lemons, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, medical marijuana, hemp, avocados, and olive oil. Indeed just about every fruit and vegetable. Big Pharma has effectively taken over health.There is no profit in a healthy population of cats or humans, so do you really think these people want a cure for anything?

Put aside for one minute your resistance to or distaste for these comments. What would happen if a ‘side-effect’ free cure for cancer was found? Unless the creators of this cure charged millions for it [and how soon, despite patents, would it be copied?] you would have to stand back as the cancer industry collapses. No more pink ribbons. No more marathons, no more radiation, toxic chemicals or cutting and slicing. Do you really think they would let that happen?

And in closing, there are already non-pill/radiation/poison/cutting cures for cancer. But you will have to research them.

You see what has to happen is that the medical industry has to work with the doctor within. It has to get to the cause of illness and disease.

We cats, and you humans weren’t meant to eat sugar. Go and read the ingredients on your cat’s food tin. I’m wondering how it would be if almost all animal and human illness were caused by diet?

My keeper doesn’t agree, he cites stress, but concedes diet is a huge part of it.

So, until we get fed a proper diet, and live stress free lives, we will still have to go ‘off to the vet.’

Paws for thought eh?

And in case you think we have no sense of humour, watch Simon’s Cat [cartoon at the beginning] on YouTube. Especially, when it is released, ‘Off to the Vet.’

Love and light from Holly & Daisy, with important contributions from Jimmy. I’m convinced Jimmy has guided Biskit over the cat flap situation. He has certainly helped me loosen up….




A Cats Purr

"Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr ...

A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves - that we are nice."

Roger A Caras

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