I’m pretty sure most of you reading this column may be feeling uneasy, excited, uncertain, or a combination of all these emotions, about the state of the world right now?

My keeper was reading an article in a wonderful publication, “Positive News”, in which a sample [4000] of people were asked about their values. Here are their personal values:

  • Caring, family, honesty, humour, fun, friendship, compassion, fairness, independence, respect and trust.

Is it any wonder we felines are popular?

And values experienced in their local community:

  • Quality of life, family, friendship, helpfulness, and a sense of community.

Now, before I take the lid off the rancid tin, what do you expect values people would see nationally? And you are right:

  • Bureaucracy, crime, violence, uncertainty about the future, corruption, blame, wasted resources, media influence and conflict.

Now I know not all my readers concur with my views, but you can’t argue that your ‘worldview’ is mostly informed by the mainstream media. And that media is one which almost deifies someone who called Nelson Mandela a terrorist, gave a home to a mass murderer [Pinochet], supported another mass murderer, one of the worst in history, Pol Pot [yes you can check this out] and rejoiced in killing Argentine sailors going away from battle [The Belgrano]. Oh, and laid waste whole communities, decimated manufacturing, and destroyed the hopes of a generation. And if you want to add spent 12 consecutive Christmases with serial paedophile [and most likely murderer], Jimmy Savile, then I wouldn’t blame you. But don’t ask about Ted Heath.

But, hey, why let the facts get in the way of another cancer-ridden or cerebral palsy suffering scrounger being made to work?

Your whole society [which didn’t exist according to a certain Twaggy M] is divided along so many fault lines, it is a wonder you can even communicate. Race, gender, income bracket, sexual orientation, waged/unwaged, location, type of living accommodation, clothes, car you drive/don’t drive, weight, height, accent … it is literally endless.

My siblings are a different gender, different colour, and different fur length. The days when their gender mattered are long gone, and who cares about their fur and colour? Daisy, Holly and myself have completely different personalities, and so it should be, and we contribute hugely to the values listed above.

Leaving aside those who set out, deliberately and vindictively to kill, maim, hurt or destroy others, we need to come together. And with every Mewsletter that goes out, with it goes the energy of compassion, beauty, caring, humour, joy and fun. Yes, I am independent, but the Great Cat help me if ‘they’ decide not to buy my cat meat. So I think we’ll go for interdependence instead.

And whilst my keepers won’t be shedding any tears for Thatcher, she was told what to do, as they all are, and spending your last days, permanently semi-inebriated in the Ritz, is little consolation for selling your soul.

You see we all [even me] bring our karma, our cellular memory and our pre-incarnation choices to this life. However, we can all redeem ourselves can’t we? If I haven’t mentioned Dannion Brinkley before, I am now.

And as my female keeper Anne channels Diana, I have the odd go at channelling Ginger Tom. Trouble is, Diana was an icon of compassion, and her soul is helping heal the planet and its inhabitants. Ginger Tom was a bit of a sod, good for comedy value, but little else. He’s a few incarnations to go before the world waits for his messages with bated breath.

Do you know what bated means? Apparently it means anxious or excited anticipation.

Still, it’s probably a lot sweeter than cat meat breath. What do they put in our food?

Jimmy,  your loyal servant,  April 2013.


A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.