I recall one of your ‘sages’ once said the only certainties in life were death and taxes. Well he may have had something, despite the fact we felines pay no tax.

I can’t see, but I can feel my way around and my hearing is pin sharp. But my heart  still hurts a little from the sad death of my sibling Milo a few weeks ago. She was supposed to have had an overactive thyroid, but the pills didn’t work in the end, despite the vet’s best intentions.

My keepers rescued her from a very cold ‘pen’ at a local cat’s home ten years ago. She was very nervous then I’m told, and even until the last, she was always closer to my keepers than Daisy or myself.

But Milo had struck up a bond with Holly. And when she was ill, Holly would always be around outside, as if she was supervising her, making sure she was OK.

In her last few weeks, Milo ‘owned’ the lounge, and the three of us, apart from Holly’s concern, kept respectfully out of her way. We have only started coming back in there now she is with the Great Cat.

Anne and Jack miss her terribly, because whenever they went out for any length of time, Milo would wait on the fence outside or in the hall. I don’t think they ever came home without her being there to greet them. Of all the cats they have shared their lives with, I know she is up there with me as one of their favourites. I remember them talking about who would be coming with them when we move to Malvern in the summer, and no-one could have predicted she would have left us.

So, the other constant, despite its abuse and hijacking by politicians, is change. I have to say, it’s not something I like, but all my life it has followed me around!

I’m an ex-feral cat of no fixed abode. I have moved three times with my keepers, and am due another one soon. I have learned how to get around with one eye, then that one stopped working. The snow messes up my ‘sat nav’, but not that anyone would notice. The thing I hate most of all is being moved when I’m on my keeper’s lap, or on my bed. Why are they always getting up and down?

Who is responsible for your lives? You, the Great Cat, other people or the government? Technology is like a juggernaut. Are your lives better for having mobile phones? I know my keepers don’t think so. And I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, that those things give off harmful radiation [don’t fall for the company lies], so use them carefully. And I noticed the other day the name of a new computer [Hewlett-Packard] model was Envy.

You hear a lot about ‘survival of the fittest’ especially from people who have a vested interest in peddling the garbage. Why didn’t we gang up on Milo and eat her food when she as ill, pester her or ignore her? I gather people being paid to ‘get the disabled back to work’ have called some of their clients LTB’s [Lying Thieving B***tards]. That’s a great motivator I’m sure. Isn’t one sign of a civilised society the way it treats poorest and least able? Your world seems to becoming completely polarised towards two extremes, the rich and super rich, and the poor and poorer.

Apparently the local bus service, which my keepers used a few times a month, has now been cut. More car journeys, more pollution.

The reality is you are continuously being fed contradictory or false information. You are permanently on guard or in fight or flight mode. Much of the change you are subjected to is unnecessary. But it all follows an agenda I have talked about many times in this column.

You don’t become stupid as you get old, you don’t need a ‘Care Pathway’ to euthanise you. Sort out dementia with coconut oil. Tell the rich parasite who told pensioners to work for their benefits where to stick his schemes. Heal yourself with energy medicine.

What you do need is a purpose. And that purpose in a sane society is to serve others.

My female keeper Anne saw Jesus take Milo, and Diana then held her in her arms. If you think about your own mortality, the world that awaits you may appear to be much better than this one. But you chose to be here now, so do your duty and help create a paradise before you go. Think of us felines, think of your next generation. Do it for them do it for us, do it for yourself.

There is no astral ‘hell.’ Only the one you create on earth.

Jimmy, fit and sharp as ever, February 2013.


The Very Best Toy for Cats

"Of all the [cat] toys available, none is better designed than the owner himself. A large multipurpose plaything, its parts can be made to move in almost any direction. It comes completely assembled, and it makes a noise when you jump on it."

Stephen Baker