Life remains fascinating. My vision isn’t what it was, having lost an eye and found the other one lacking. 

I look at ‘your’ world and smile inwardly. How many of you believe it is ‘your’ world? What happens when the Great Cat calls? 

JimmyBut Holly and Daisy are always close by, and I get rid of my frustration by occasionally tapping Milo, who is no longer scared of me.

I must say I’m getting very fussy. If they give me the same cat meat too often, I think nothing of ‘snouting’ it. Before my operation I would have eaten it. Privilege of old age I suppose.

My male keeper has just finished converting the loft, and because I can’t climb the loft ladders, he took me up there the other day. I soon got bored. I was carried down.

Now don’t get any false ideas about my state of health. My coat is shiny, my appetite is fine, I love going out in the sunshine, and I’m as quick to purr or hiss as ever. Whilst your world is speeding up, and technology is changing so fast you can’t keep pace with it, my world is slowing down.

My life force is ebbing away, but sometimes it’s impossible to tell. I get the odd burst of energy and the occasional delight at being fussed when least expecting it. You see my life force ebbs away at about four times the speed yours does.

I look at ‘your’ world and smile inwardly. How many of you believe it is ‘your’ world? What happens when the Great Cat calls?

What kind of world would it be without us felines, our canine friends, horses, birds, dolphins and all the animals on the planet? Step forward all you geniuses and it is self-evident there would be no world at all.

On this wonderful site, and on many, many more on the internet, you can read accounts of animals that selflessly help and make sacrifices for each other. Some bright spark has researched and declared that humans are ‘hard wired’ for compassion and caring.

How can you not be?

My male keeper, who as a young man was very angry, and heavily involved in left-wing politics, has, over his lifetime, realised that the dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest, some races are superior to others doctrine is the biggest lie ever foisted on humanity. In fact he [and millions of others, growing daily] knew it years ago. The problem always has been the apparent absence of a dynamic, some force outside a few benign souls who temporarily placed their faith in the likes of Clinton, Obama, Blair et al to ‘save’ the world.

Well, that dynamic never went away. And it is becoming fashionable. Except this is one fashion that won’t go out of fashion. And, of course it is what we animals epitomise. Love, unconditional love.

I suppose the dish is a kind of condition, but it’s only because we watch too many cookery programmes. I think the ‘Furry Bikers’ need to take the engines out of their bikes and use pedal power.

It came as no surprise to us that someone placed on the highest pedestal, Attenborough, whose programmes can’t run for one minute without showing animals attacking and killing each other, should be involved in faking. In case you didn’t know, some bears in the ‘wild’ were filmed in a zoo.

My female keeper channels Diana Spencer []. And her message is one of-you guessed it-love. Whatever people thought of Diana during her short life, her passing was met with one of the greatest waves of grief the world has ever known.

And because we are all spiritual beings having a human or feline experience, her message is eternal. Indeed my keeper has been up in the early hours for the last two nights, writing down Diana’s words. Her words are not profound to the awakened ear, but the message is as necessary to the planet’s survival as air is to breathing.

You see you have been told for thousands of years the profound lie that you humans are a bunch of selfish, uncaring, blood thirsty ‘useless eaters’ who need close control and can’t be trusted. And whilst that control is getting tighter and tighter, the message of love is getting stronger and stronger.

I know what keeps me going. And it’s not prawn flavoured. I would have kept my earlier appointment with the Great Cat years ago, had my keepers not loved me as they do. And I love them just as much, so we all win.

So it is a question of trusting the source of this message of love. And letting go of the conditioned head nonsense you have been force fed since you were born. Drop into your hearts, for there you will find the truth.

As long as I’m here, I will radiate the same message, even though sometimes it will get mixed up with anger and frustration when you start to backslide into global warming and bombing people in order to set them free.

I’m eating far too much butter for my own good lately.

Love and Light, Jimmy  

Jimmy’s keepers Anne and Jack Stewart are currently touring the UK running Healing Codes workshops. ”The defining healing technology of our age.” Visit their site: for more.

The Very Best Toy for Cats

"Of all the [cat] toys available, none is better designed than the owner himself. A large multipurpose plaything, its parts can be made to move in almost any direction. It comes completely assembled, and it makes a noise when you jump on it."

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