My wonderful American siblings call Autumn the ‘Fall’, no doubt because of leaves…For us all, yes, us all to start loving and appreciating each other.  

For us all, yes, us all to start loving and appreciating each other. 

JimmyHowever, the Great Cat has informed me it also has another very different meaning.

Now I have a good memory, if you doubt that, watch how we behave all our lives if you hurt us as kittens, but I can’t go back millions of years. Your media would have you believe nothing much happened at all until 2000 years ago, and that you humans descended from apes, who in turn descended from [ultimately] a swamp.

So, the fabulous ancient civilisations, some of which were idyllic [Atlantis for example], many of which were vastly superior in every way from planet earth 2011 are relegated to the dustbin of history, just in case too many questions are asked.

As Christmas approaches, a time for appreciating each other, rather than rushing like rabid dogs [apologies to my canine friends, but we cats rarely behave in this way] to ‘rescue the economy’ by buying things you neither want or need, maybe it’s time for reflection too.

Just who is to blame for television and media trash, talent being defined as to how many times the words ‘like’ and ‘awesome’ and ‘stuff’ your younger generation can cram into a sentence? Who is to blame for political greed, empty rhetoric, banking scandals, bombing innocent people and manipulating the news? How many of you seriously think the world as you know it now [or perhaps more correctly a version of world as fed to you by your media] will ever be the same in years to come?

Where has all the money gone?

Well, would you give credence to the fact that millions of years ago some of your ancestors decided they knew more than the Great Cat, indeed, decided they were superior to the Great Cat and guess what? Society began to fall apart. Consciousness moved out of your hearts into your heads. Materialism was the only game in town, and do some of these sound familiar:

·  Humans saw each other as separate, some inferior to others, some superior but all superior to mere ’animals’

·  People were valued solely by their monetary worth

·  The Great Cat was hi-jacked by those who said access to him/her was only available through them. And you were all born flawed. And the Great Cat was jealous, judgemental and permanently angry.

·  Wars, famine, destruction, greed, deception, lies and ignorance prevailed

And, as may be apparent, the world imploded. This has happened twice in human history. Do you think you may be heading for another Fall?

My keepers have become hooked on the work of Michael Reccia, * a medium who ‘channels’ [is a vehicle for] the wisdom of a one-time ‘master’ and Atlantis resident, Joseph. Far-fetched? Is it as incredible to believe the universe is infinite [fact], but there is only life on one planet? Or, that as humans, you have evolved as far as you can, and only technology will save you? I don’t think I need to comment on how much what you have done to this beautiful planet has benefitted it.

The solution? There is one of course. For us all, yes, us all to start loving and appreciating each other. To let go of the fault lines of gender, race, religion, income bracket, dish contents, number of eyes etc. For you to make the longest and shortest journey you will ever make. From your head to your heart.

We all have the Great Cat within us; we are individuations of the GC. Spread light in the world, realise there is more than what comes through an electronic tube or a can of Felix.

As I have said just about every time I put paw to keyboard, we cats are role models. We are happy in our own skins, and, deep down, love the owners of all other skins after a while. Unfortunately, you set a very bad example.

Time is running out. We have a world to win and won’t succeed by doing the lottery!

See you in December.


* The books are about Joseph; Revelation, Illumination and Your Life After Death. Get them from and ascend to heights undreamed of.

Jimmy’s keepers Anne and Jack Stewart are currently touring the UK running Healing Codes workshops. ”The defining healing technology of our age.” Visit their for more.

Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)