I’ve been asked to write about aliens, a subject dear to my heart. When I reflect on the behaviour of ‘mankind’ [sic] and most of your works, I’m glad we felines can switch to a healthy detachment. 

 Life’s an empty dish and then you die? 

JimmyThe phrase ‘you couldn’t make it up’ just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Where do I begin?

That enough people are brainwashed into believing that there is no ‘alien’ [isn’t that an awful word?] life in an infinite universe [280 billion galaxies and counting] is one of the most ridiculous things imaginable. Add to that the fact that humans use about 2% of their brain capacity, and that your senses can only ‘de-code’ about 4% of what goes on in the universe and you have a recipe for insanity.

Dare I mention cui bono [who benefits] again? Who benefits from this monumental ignorance? As I said last month, it isn’t you! I suspect I’ll have to say this every time I put a paw on to the keyboard.

What is a ghost? Life’s an empty dish and then you die?

There are thousands [probably millions] of accounts of near-death experiences, when people get ‘glimpses’ of ‘the other side.’ There are similar numbers of people who remember in vivid detail past lives [and they weren’t all Napoleon].

What garbage is fed to you about the pyramids? No amount of slaves could lift millions [yes the large pyramids contain millions of blocks] of 2000 ton blocks with any kind of ‘equipment’ available at the time. Is it possible technology more advanced than exists now was used? Of course it was, and you have been told lies about the age of the pyramids too.

Which moves me nicely on. Our ancestors were the Mau cats. When you see drawings of cats in ancient Egypt, you see our ancestral line. And they still exist! Humans haven’t succeeded in killing them off.

Most of your credible science fiction films and programmes are glimpses of what is really going on. The Matrix, Star Trek, Star Wars, to name but a few.

Crop circles. A bunch of hippy nutters? No credible explanation.

Roswell? No credible explanation.

The inexhaustible cat dish. No credible explanation.

I’m sorry but I thought I’d throw that last one in. It makes as much sense as God fighting the Devil, all humans being born flawed and damned at birth, women being inferior to men, different races being superior to others, endlessly killing millions to secure ‘peace,’ poisoning your bodies, your water, food and air and getting you to believe it’s for your own good, polluting continents with oil, murdering animals for vanity, ‘science’ and pleasure…

My keepers have had one of their homes [where I used to live] ‘exorcised’, and done the same for others. They have cleared ‘dark energies’ from people [see my female keeper do this on You Tube] and my male keeper ‘broke the ice’ with a group of severely troubled young men many years ago by asking them about ghosts [all either had or knew someone who had seen ghosts]. And no their troubled nature had nothing to do with this. Their sensitivity masked by macho posturing and the ‘system’s’ inability to deal with the former was the real tragedy.

Have you had an imaginary friend? We cats befriend nature spirits, fairies, and elves. They are real to us, and to some of you more enlightened humans. Do we not ‘sense’ your presence, comfort you when you are down or ill? How do we know?

How do our canine friends know? How did our sibling animals know the tsunami was coming in Asia?

How do our marine siblings swim for thousands of miles, knowing where they are going? How do migratory birds always find their destination?

My male keeper keeps telling me that scientific explanations for the ‘healing’ his wife and him do are coming in thick and fast [and he is learning them]. The term ‘thick and fast’ seems to aptly sum up the state of your material world obsessives.

Your cynics and sceptics seem to be getting more and more desperate. Their greatest allies run and control the media, a media rooted in 17th century science, mediaeval morality and Stone Age intransigence.

How many of you want to hold on to the current version of reality being served up to you?

Pass me the dish.

Jurassic Jimmy

PS, if you want more of this, blended with a heavy dose of spiritual wisdom and reflection, check out my male keeper’s blog, http://healerjack.wordpress.com/

Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

  • Reduces fighting, injury and noise
  • Reduces spraying and smelling
  • Much less likely to wander and get lost
  • Safer from diseases like feline AIDS, mammary tumours and feline leukaemia
  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens