I have talked about my latest inspiration, Byron Kittie * in my weekly column. She has created a process which helps us all rise out of any self-imposed slump. It is simple to use and is the Great Cat's answer to my last month's request about belief changing. 

Yes, though I hate to admit it, I’m still not purrfect.  

JimmyYes, though I hate to admit it, I’m still not purrfect. However, I’ve known you humans long enough to realise that you mostly learn from gurus and those you place on pedestals. 

Another brilliant teacher is David Squawkins.** Here is a person who probably knows more about enlightenment than anyone else in the West. His is also very funny. To paraphrase him, when seeking gurus to follow beware impostors!  

I am the Great Ba’ Ha!

Who says he is the Great Ba’ Ha?

He says he is the Great Ba’ Ha! 

And the Great Ba’ Ha will relieve you instantly of 10 years supply of cat food… 

I digress. 

Examine one of your most destructive thoughts. For example, mine is - I will always be hungry. Apply the Byron Kittie formula. 

Is it true that I will always be hungry? 

For me it is, but obviously not when my keepers feed me. 

Is it absolutely true? I’m not sure. 

How do I live when I believe this thought? 

Mostly OK, but around feeding time, if my dish isn’t full, I have a go at my siblings, and even my keepers. I slump to become one of Pavlov’s cats. I don’t feel good about myself, but it ensures I get fed! 

Who or what would I be without this thought? 

Better, but a bit scared. I fear I might become the size of small dog, or lazy, or complacent. In truth there are times I feel I don’t deserve the great life I have. 

Turn the thought around. Create three examples which are true or truer than the original statement. 

I will usually be hungry. This feels a bit better, and is certainly more true that my first thought. After all, I survived in a b***** wood for years! 

I will always eat. Yes, again this is true, but if I’m injured I might not be able to. It is certainly getting nearer to an absolute truth, but I’ve forgotten about the Great Cat! 

I have no need to be hungry. Yes, even though after a few hours, my stomach tells me I should eat, I won’t die if I don’t. My keepers feed me 100% of the time, albeit sometimes a little late. If they didn’t, the nearest wood beckons. If, Great Cat forbid, my keepers didn’t come back, their neighbours would feed us, or their family. 

Yes, the reality is, I choose to get narked, and it satisfies another need, that of facing my siblings down.

 How about that!

 Thanks again to * Byron Kittie [Katie], website www.thework.com and ** David Squawkins [Hawkins], website here

And eternal thanks to Meale Donald Fisch [ www.nealedonaldwalsch.com ].


© Jack Stewart MSc


One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)