One of my most difficult month's challenges this one. My remote mentor, Meale Donald Fisch * has again stated the obvious, but as for doing it, or [Great Cat give me strength] being it, well. 

Crabio seems like my kind of cat. Strong, determined, not one to show emotions. 

JimmyYou, and unfortunately we cats too, live in an era of stimulus overload. When I was a kitten, all the stimulation I needed was out in the woods and fields. Wildlife, leaves and things to chase, other cats to mither, face down or avoid. The odd brain-dead human [forgive me] to run away from.

And, today additives in drinks and food, radio, TV, games, computers, magazines, and cat nip keeps us all hyped up. Hyped up for endless discussion about what might happen. First there is speculation about what might happen. People and scenarios are pulled to bits and pawed over like gold in stones from a stream. A favourite scenario is chosen and promoted. Alternative scenarios are debated. If the chosen scenario comes up, the originator will announce 'You saw it here first!' If it fails, it is discarded quickly, and the new scenario [and person] trumpeted. Take the new national feline football team manager, Crabio Catello.

Crabio seems like my kind of cat. Strong, determined, not one to show emotions.

Crabio will be judged to the nth degree. Part of the reason is that his job is about making judgments. No problem. It becomes one when it gets personal. Someone [him] has to decide who plays.

You see when we make judgments [and unfortunately when players are not selected or dropped it is their reality] we hurt others. And when we do that, communication is distorted or fails.

So, is it possible for Crabio to make a judgment ['You're not in the team this time Felix'] out of love? Of course it is. But will the media let him? How can I write this column without making judgments?

And lastly, in case you think harsh, hurtful words have no effect [you wimp], I'll show you next month exactly how they do!

What would happen if we no longer ran the world on [negative] judgments?

In closing, it has been a very hard few months here. First Ch'Bee passed over [it was expected], then Poppy [a surprise rather than a shock], and Harry went missing a few weeks ago. We cats know he is still alive, but don't know where his new home is. We will all welcome him back with open paws.

In the meantime, I have acquired a little follower, Daisy, and another very timid [feral] cat, Holly, who is getting stronger by the day, but has a long way to go. I'll show you a picture of her next month.

Have a great Catmas & New Year! * Meale Donald Fisch, or his human counterpart, Neale Donald Walsch


Jimmy  December 2007  

© Jack Stewart MSc

A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure