Well, I’m finally here. Harry has successfully faced down next door’s cat. Milo has worked out how to get back into the house [we are all based in the rather large conservatory] when our keepers go out. 


I'm Mr Cool, but last week I temporarily lost it...

Poppy, who has spent most of her life outside, appears blissed out on her back on the settee. Ch’Bee just does her own thing. It’s obvious she isn’t 100%, but then she spent two years at Bumble Cottage [BC] running the show.

Me? I can’t stop purring, my coat is like silk, and am even getting to put up with Harry. I was playing yesterday with a leaf, and he was hiding behind a bucket, ready to jump out to play. I’m still a grumpy old man, and grumpy old men don’t do playing very well. So, we stared at each other, I rolled over, kept eye contact, remained stiff and he trotted off.

Yes, I’m Mr Cool, but last week I temporarily lost it. At Bumble Cottage I had to see them all off [excluding Ch’Bee - she’s untouchable]. So I chased Poppy. Half-way across the lawn the penny dropped, but I couldn’t lose face. I’m sure she’ll forgive me. 

Our keepers managed us brilliantly. We spent four days in Blue Grass Cattery [great for a de-stress. We get a neck massage] during the move period. Then they brought Poppy and myself out for a day to ‘adjust’ before the other three. As we were last in at BC, they thought we were more likely to flit. 

We got used to the house, and then all of us were taken out on leads [humiliating, the worst bit]. Anyway it worked. Poppy did sod off for one night, but came back the next day.

For some strange reason, we all get on very well. I suppose it’s back to what life’s about. Our dishes are kept full [not before we went out], our diet is varied [a bit], and we can play without homicidal maniacs driving past at 60 mph with phones glued to their ears.  

I can reflect, theorise, study meta-physics and write for the Mewsletter.

You see, energies are different everywhere. They were very strange at BC, a legacy from the previous occupants. Most of you haven’t a clue about energies and go on your merry way as if they didn’t exist, then wonder when things go wrong. What about the seasons? 

Nature starts to close down in autumn, and rest during the winter, ready for re-birth in the spring. So, if you are going to launch a new project, doesn’t spring make more sense than autumn?

We have our internal body clocks. Peter at BC could tell the weather from feeling and intuition. He had spent all his life ‘on the land.’ 

Your ‘lifestyles’ [why not just lives?] cause us problems too. If you got into our rhythms, you would quickly benefit from it. 

The energies are good here, and we will make them even better. I know our keepers are wondering if they deserve it, but that will soon pass. 

Didn’t one of you say you could change the world with six committed people? How about five chilled out cats? 


© Jack Stewart MSc

One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)