I was absent mindedly sashaying into the kitchen with a slight purr at the back of my throat for a slurp of water, when I came upon a sight which almost made me faint on the spot.

I turned tail, my eyes like saucers as I fled back to the comfort of my designer duvet. I just could not believe my eyes. Mikey-Mike who comes calling on my Maid was in the kitchen and actually rummaging round in the bin. Clearly there was something in there he thought worthwhile stealing and sure enough a second or two later there was a loud crash and sloshing as the bin's contents were sploshed across the kitchen floor.

Willi Whizkas is supposed to be security here at Tom Cat Towers and is supposed to chase him off. Instead he just lay snoring on the sheepskin in the lounge with his legs in the air. Mikey-Mike is not supposed to set a paw through the gate; he is only allowed to have scraps which Maid puts out for him in the bowl on the other side of the gate. If Willi couldn’t be bothered to chase him off then I have real concerns that he will come into my bedroom. I am quite worried.

He is such a low life; he couldn’t keep his own humans and now he is trying to con his way into my house and onto my designer duvet. I hope Maid gets rid of him and soon!

It was bad enough when he first rolled up at our gate chancing his paw and Maid, feeling sorry for him, would put scraps out for him.  Then he started to follow her round, declaring his, very loud, undying love for her. It made me sick. I could see him through the windows and knew what he was up to.

I am disgusted that Maid was seduced by his cheap tricks. Now, he is in my kitchen, trying to flick chicken scraps out of the bin. It beggars belief when right by him is the feeding station for the Gingie-crew, which he has cleared in about two mouthfuls. Does this tramp’s stomach have no limits to how much he can stuff into it?

What makes me absolutely livid, is Gingie-crew just don’t seem at all bothered that this tom cat fraudster is just inviting himself into Tom Cat Towers and helping himself to their food before indulging in a spot of bin-diving.  I retired to my designer duvet with a headache.

Maid’s version!

Mikey-Mike has started to come into the kitchen for food and a fuss. Dippi-Dick and Wills don’t mind him at all. Poor abandoned cat has come through a bitter winter and is grateful for what he can cadge off us.

I tried everything to make life more comfortable in the bitterly cold weather, but he would just run and hide. He is very vocal and very attentive. I quite like him he’s such a character! If he does come into the kitchen it’s under supervision, I’m keeping a very close eye on him. Any sign of fistipaws or growls with the others and he’s back outside the gate.


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