Today was gloriously sunny but too cold to open the bedroom window.

Dumpty under her umbrellaAfter my kibbles Maid took me outside and sat with me on her knee on a wicker chair under the pergola. Then with a fine comb we had a really good grooming session, a sort of spring clean for my fur. I feel like a real beauty queen as my fur ripples in the breeze. I was amazed how much fur came out. Enough to make six kittens! We then sat in the cold sunshine as Maid had a coffee break and told me how she fell in love with me when she first saw me and is so happy that I've allowed her to be my personal staff. I must admit I'm very happy here at Tom Cat Towers (I don't tell Maid this as I don't want her to become complacent), even though at time standards can be somewhat lacking.

We are looking forward to summer. Sometimes I sit on my halter and static lead by the pond, and Maid puts up an umbrella to make a pavilion to keep the sun off me. Last year I fell in the pond and had to be rescued so I shall be wary of the water. But it will be nice to sit out with a bowl of kibbles and my staff as the sun goes down as Maid drinks that funny red wine stuff that always gives her a headache next morning.

Dumpty watching the Royal Wedding of Wills and KateI thought Maid should be at the place called work, but instead the television was turned on very early and left on all day, it just showed the same two humans so I sat on a chair and watched what was going on. At one stage the female human waved to me from the screen.

Today was also 'Mewsletter Day'. I hate Mewsletters, Maid turns on her computer, pours a glass of red wine then sits down to read the screen, and attention to me and my needs plummets to zero for hours as she reads, comments and giggles. I am not amused. Mewsletters should be banned!

Maid's version!

Dumpty is looking fabulous. I took her outside and groomed her under the pergola. Her pelt is looking really healthy and even has a bit of a gloss on it. She does like being groomed. Then we just sat and looked at the garden for a while. I let her go and she waddled straight back into the house and onto the bed for her kibbles. No intention of exploring the garden at all. Totally not curious! When I put her out on her static lead by the pond in summer, she has no inclination to look around her or be curious about what's in the pond; she just sits there waiting to be brought back into the house again.

Complete air-head!

Today was the royal wedding of Kate and Wills so as Madam begrudgingly watched it I took a cracking picture of her almost waving to Kate!

Dumpty has good taste! Looking at the 'old' look Daily Mews website before the revampGot my regular Mewsletter; the missive compiled by the Mewsers, a group of very intellectual tom cats in Kent who run the website. It's very funny, and I enjoy the articles and picking up tips and hints. It's very well written and takes me some time to read through it all. It's the best freebie newsletter on the market for moggies and their owners with lots of sound advice and fun!  Freelance-felines also contribute articles, so maybe Dumpty may put paw to the keyboard and go into print?! Somehow I just don't think she has a single thought in that woollyhead of hers!

Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

  • Reduces fighting, injury and noise
  • Reduces spraying and smelling
  • Much less likely to wander and get lost
  • Safer from diseases like feline AIDS, mammary tumours and feline leukaemia
  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens

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