Willi Whizkas is in a complete strop, anyone would think the world was here to revolve around him.

Dumpty and her pet blackbirdHis daily routine, since he was a kitten, is to mince along the garden fence and then drop onto the shed roof of the garden at the bottom of ours. He spends his days glaring in the windows at the humans in that house, or on his back comatose in the sunshine. Maid has been known to turn the hose on him to liven him up a bit. Today, there was an almighty crash as the shed was knocked down, then an unbelievable commotion as all the trees at the bottom of the garden behind ours were cut down.

It is quite amazing how much light now floods into the lounge where I lie on the carpet to supervise my pet blackbirds, although at the time I was furious with all the noise the humans were making, it disturbed my beauty snoozles. If I'm not careful I shall end up with a collection of wrinkles round my eyes like Maid's!

No matter how hard I tried to supervise my blackbirds the noise just kept coming, I thought it would never end. Willi started his mince along the garden fence, but just before he leapt over to where the shed should have been Maid dashed out and caught him. She lifted him up and showed him where the shed should have been and the dozy ginger wuss was horrified, if he had jumped onto the missing shed roof, he would have fallen and done serious damage to the tumour on his leg. He is now in shock, and very annoyed that he is now confined to our garden, his world has suddenly shrunk.  No more adventures for him!

What really gets his goat is that a young ginger tom, called Tigger has been coming into our garden and looking at Willi's mice by our shed; he also ensures that he gets a good look at me too - another admirer. He just appears and looks up to the house to make sure Wills can see him before he starts his fun rooting round the undergrowth in search of a snacky mouse. His main tactic is to swoosh himself into the undergrowth, leaving just his bottom exposed, he then hoists his tail in a final insult, revealing himself in all his glory. Wills winds himself up and starts furiously yowling rather loudly at the window.

He makes such a noise that Maid flicks him with a tea towel to shut him up. When Wills is finally let out Tigger has usually run a good two gardens away, he is far too young and too fast for Gut-truck to ever catch him.

So much noise and excitement in the morning is not good for a lady of a certain age. Once peace returned I soon nodded off in the warm sunshine that was streaming through the glass.

This morning I fancied some exercise. After stuffing my face with kibbles from my crystal bowl, then a good lick-wash round my furry bits I presented myself to the world as I jumped off the bed and ambled into the front room where I took up residence by the French windows to keep an eye on my blackbirds.

Maid's version

It's amazing how much light the trees have taken from the garden. A severe lopping has given us a good hour's extra each day. The neighboursknocked down their shed to make a patio, but were so apologetic that they may have offended our ginger hero who spends all day on there watching them go about their daily lives. I felt I must apologise for having such a nosy cat. To be honest it's done him a favour if he but knew it. With the bursa tumour on his leg getting larger, he shouldn't be leaping over fences, and at his age he should be taking things easier. But how do you tell that to a cloth-eared old cat? Madam slept though all the noise of the chainsaws and trees falling - dead to the world.



A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.


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