Feeling rather energised, I slithered off my designer duvet and ambled across the carpet into the lounge. I felt the need to supervise my flock of pet blackbirds, I needed some entertainment.

However they weren't there. Instead the world had turned white and it was rather chilly. Gingie-crew were curled up in the snooozzee by the radiators which clicked and banged as they heat up and both cats seemed to have no intention of going outside. I could hear Mikey-Mike outside yowling his cupboard love for my Maid. I expected to have instant service from Maid and made it quite clear that I was anticipating my morning grooming session in the Bliss Spa Executive Suite.

Instead Maid gathered up some cat food and some of my favourite kibbles along with an old jumper and went outside to pamper Mikey-Mike AKA Love Chunks. I made my displeasure known by pulling out a fur-knot and leaving half sucked it by the window. Then I went back to my duvet for a sulk, via the bowl by the fireplace where I had a quick chomp at the cheap kibbles left there for Gingie-crew.

The cold wind whipped across the garden on Tom Cat Towers and rattled down the chimney. The snow fell like a thick blanket during the night I was glad that Mikey-mike was outside enjoying it, That’s what outdoor cats do, they stay outside.

Instead he yowled like a girlie cat outside the gate just because it’s a bit cold. The constant noise disturbed my beauty snoozles so I got off the bed leaving Maid to her red wine induced snores and sat by the French window watching the white flakes fall from the sky, it was very beautiful and the garden gradually turned white all over. It was very cold by the window so I went to wake Maid up by padding on her left boob at 3am. Then I burrowed down under the duvet and snuggled up next to her knees where it was all warm.

This morning the garden was still white and I sat supervising my blackbirds as they greedily ate the raisins by the French window.

Dippi-Duck went out into the garden in the morning and seemed to enjoy herself rolling in the white stuff and even walking on the pond without falling in the water which was some feat.

Maid’s version!

It snowed last night and covered the garden. 3am Madam came to wake me by giving me a moggy-massage on my chest. She then crept under the duvet and went to sleep. She’s never down that before so I didn’t dare go back to sleep in case I disturbed her. So I lay awake listening to her gentle purrs till 7am, I’d like to think it was love that created this moment, but I suspect she was cold and was just using me as a hot water bottle!

Poor Mikey-Mike must be frozen. I just cannot believe he doesn't have a home to go to. I think that his family may have moved away and just left him to defend himself. He was huddled under the crabapple bush this morning but was so cheerful to see me. He rushed over meowing, growling and almost smiling as he shook snow from his fur! I bet his pink paw pads were cold. They were all wet with the newly fallen snow. I found the plastic pod which was Little Dumpty Roo's personal lavatory when she arrived. That stupid contraption soon got slung behind the shed as the communal grit tray (or bot box) was pointed out to her when she first arrived! It's good that it now has a use. I didn’t throw it away as it was too big to fit in the bin and the county tip is a pain to get to.

Mikey-Mike was grateful to be cuddled up on an old woolly jumper with a full tummy to sleep on. Even though it is so cold, he doesn't seem to want to come inside for more than a couple of hours and he never stays inside overnight.

He joins Dippi and Wills in their snoozzee but about 9pm he always gets up and goes to the kitchen door to be let out. I could almost set my watch by him! I am surprised I never thought of the plastic pod before. He went straight into it padding the jumper with his paws. He was almost drooling as he purred with delight. When I got back inside, Madam was curled up tightly on the bed and refused to even open an eye to look at me, she is a monkey, I suspect she is jealous of Mikey-Mike.

I now refer to the plastic pod as ‘The Guest Wing at Tom Cat Towers’ and hope Mikey-Mike enjoys it. It should keep him warm during this very cold snap.


One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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