Feeling rather bored I yawned, flopped off the bed and then made my way into the kitchen.

Gingie-crew were both outside with their noses under the shed sniffing mice. They can spend hours there just idling the day away sniffing rodents. When that bores them they lie under the hedgerow listening to voles scampering around.

It was a lazy day but I couldn’t settle down so I thought I would seek out human company. Sometimes it’s good to check up on staff, to check up on the workers to make sure they aren’t skiving, or in the case of my Maid drinking wine with her feet up.

I found Maid; she was playing on the computer. She looked down at me then immediately went and fetched a sheepskin to lay on the work surface so I could sit on it and supervise all the fan mail on the computer being responded to. The computer has acquired a new trick; it now plays music which I found rather tedious.  Maid does have a CD of purring and it is only very rarely that she plays if for me. Obviously too lazy to go and find it. Maid drew my attention to various images on the screen of the computer, but I couldn’t see any point. I would rather look at my blackbirds, far more exciting!

Maid’s version!

A trait of a Himalayan Lynx is that they will come and find you. It’s not often that mine makes the effort being the lazy air-head that she is, sometimes standing up is the day’s exercise out of the way. I have never known a more lazier and less curious cat than this thing!

However, this evening Madam condescended to join me in the kitchen as I listened to the internet (www.staffordradio.com)  where I work and answered her emails. As usual, she soon got bored and lost interest, her bottom was obviously more interesting than my conversation or any attempts at interaction with her with here!


A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.


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