I was so hungry when I woke up that I licked the human's porridge bowl out when it was put on the carpet for me at breakfast time.

The last morning It was delicious and I'm sure she leaves more than she should so I can have it. I love my human. Ginger loon came and sat by me; he is just MASSIVE, I can't get away from him, he's always there!  When I was feral I would fantasiseabout a human who loved me and now I have one who loves me more than diamonds. I am always purring when I am with her. Trouble is, she comes with ginger baggage!

Willi snuggles up to Dippi 220413I went outside and had a little snooze outside under the Leylandii bushes. I really felt tired and I got a little cold. I started to feel a bit out of sorts so I went in and gave my human the biggest love and purr I could then I settled buy the radiator to warm up. Ginger twit joined me and snuggled up. For the first time I actually felt grateful for his company and warmth as I snuggled up to him. I started to purr, he started to purr and I felt so content. I closed my eyes as he put his paw around me and hugged me ..........

Willi's version

Dippi died.

She had been giving the human some full on love and attention then lay on the carpet by the radiator. I joined her and snuggled up. She didn't object, in fact she snuggled up close to me and I put my paw round her to keep her company and to let her know that I would always be here for her. I do love my little friend; she gives my life meaning as I hone my caring skills on her. She purred and slowly purred quieter and quieter and she fell asleep. I fell asleep too with a purr of contentment on my whiskers. My world was complete as I held her close to me and fell asleep.

A last kiss goodbyeWhen I woke up, Dippi felt cold. I panicked and yowled. Our human dashed in and picked her up. She had died in her sleep, so unexpectedly and so peacefully. I didn't feel her slip away.  My human was heartbroken and sat cuddling her for a couple of hours as tears fell from her eyes. I just could not believe that she had died. I sat and just looked up at our human cuddling Dippi and I was so sad, so I was allowed to give Dippi one last kiss as she lay on her beige cat blanket, before my little friend was carefully wrapped in a pillow case and buried in the garden.  What had I done wrong? I was her carer, her professional minder. How could this have happened on my watch?

In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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