Autumn is getting a firm grip, it’s getting cooler. I've started to see frost on the ground in the morning before the human drags its carcass out of its bed. Before I was rescued I hated frost. The ground would become white and hard, then insects were more and more difficult to find. Survival got so much harder in the wild the colder it got.

The human doesn’t seem to like the cold as the house gets shut up and radiators go on which we can snuggle up to and snooze the days away whilst the human is at work.

Wills and Dippi at The Cats' Whiskers' cat hotelThe red suitcase appeared on Dumpty's bed, much to her disgust. She snorted then rolled over for a snoozle, totally disinterested.  I had great fun supervising the human as she packed it, I even tried to get in amongst the bits and bobs in the hope I would be taken with her too. Then, without warning, the three cat baskets were pulled down from the attic.

We were each loaded into our respective carriers. Dumpty, it goes without saying, has a designer carrier which she can sit and glare out of a big plastic window. Wills has a huge carrier and I have a small little thing I get tumbled into.

We are all then bundled into the car and driven to Sarah’s luxury cattery 'The Cats' Whiskers'. Sarah loves to see us. She calls me The Charleston Cat as my wobbliness looks like I’m constantly dancing! I get put into a run with the ginger twerp.

Dumpty, the old snot-face, has her own run, she refuses, absolutely to share. As soon as she is settled into her own luxury run she will go and sit in her shed with her face to the wall. She has no intention of socialising.

My diet has been arranged in advance and Sarah knows I like sausage ends which are fabulous. Her husband saves his for me when he has sausages for tea, which seems to be a rather regular treat for when I am in the cattery!

Willi and I have a little shed in our run which we get shut into at night. It has heated lights and heated pads.  It is so luxurious.

Willi and Dippi at The Cats' Whiskers' cat hotelDuring the day we sit in the wire enclosure where we watch other cats and humans come and go. My human brings a snoozzee for me to sleep in at night so that I can feel I’m in something familiar from Tom Cat Towers. Trouble is ginger numbskull climbs in with me at night and cuddles up. I cannot believe the noise that cat makes. He snores, he wheezes, he fidgets and he grumbles in his sleep and his breath is so bad it’s beyond words, and as for his bottom ... well that is just a danger zone!. Feline flatulence is just soooo toxic from that ginger wind bag. I am so glad when my human comes back.

I spend the day at the front of the run just watching other cats coming and going and enjoying the attention I get as humans come and talk to me. They bend down to look at me and invariably I wobble and fall over with my paws waving helplessly in the air which they think is ‘sooo cute! ’ as they laugh at me. The ginger lump sits next to me scowling, but somehow I don’t think the humans think he is cute in any way shape or form!

Trouble is when we go home the human brings the other two as well. Shame she can’t just forget to collect Dumpty and Willi!!

Willi’s version

I HATE the cattery. It’s the best in the world, seven star luxury, super food, warm sleeping quarters and Sarah look after us so well, providing the very highest levels of service. But it’s not home.

If I sick up a fur ball onto the shiny floor, it’s efficiently cleared away. I enjoy the hollering and shouting from my human when I deposit fur balls on the carpet and home, which all adds to the challenge. 

However, this time I shared a run with Dippi. Clearly my human realised what a good job I was doing as Dippi’s Personal Health Carer and had put me in sole charge of looking after her full time whilst she went on holiday. I rose to my responsibilities. 

Two weeks constantly supervising Dippi.

It was just such a brilliant time. In such a small space like this run, wherever Dippi was, so was I. I followed her round the run and climbed in the snoozzee at night to keep her warm and comfort her.

I was almost disappointed when the human came to collect us. Dippi seemed to want to run down the garden and be as far away from me as possible when we got home. I cannot understand why?!


A Cats Purr

"Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr ...

A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves - that we are nice."

Roger A Caras

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