Sniffering da flowersNow that the snow has thawed, we get to heat up a bit from the red hot love that is Valentine’s Day. This is also another favourite of mine, as I like to show everyone how much I love them.  Kisses, cuddles and just letting them know I care.  There is one thing that always bothering me about it though, and that’s the commercialism. Valentine’s is not all about cards, flowers, chocolates, big gestures and romantic restaurants. Anyone can buy that stuff, and often it overpriced just for the occasion.  People forget that, actually, when you really does love someone, its the small, thoughtful things that mean the most. Like a cup of tea in bed, a home cooked meal, saying ‘I Love You’, doing the housework, running someone a bath, just enjoying time together and a cuddle or leaving a note on their pillow (or a few Dreamies - just throwing that out there).  Just little things what don’t look much on the outside but that mean a lot to people on the inside. It’s a busy, stressful, crazy life we all living and we not need to add to the pressures to deliver diamonds, posh restaurants or overpriced flowers what are gonna die anyway.  Some people be expecting too much. If they expect too much, then is they really worth it?  I’d say not.  It just a little food for thought. Love is about more than gifts. Gifts don’t show love, it the person that shows the love as they are where the love comes from.

I am actually wondering myself whether my secret admirer will write to me again. Every year this mystery person/cat/other anipal send me a Valentine’s card but I still not know who it is. They never own up and I pretty sure they is disguising their writing. But whilst I not know who they is for sure, they always puts a really big smile on my face for taking the time to tell me they care. If I could give them a big fat smooch, then I would. Who knows, maybe this year will be the year they will be unveiled to receive their smooch.

Here’s wishing you all a lot of love on Valentine’s Day, and keep it meaningful.

Love and smooches



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