LexiWell, by da time you read this, I will be in heaven with minez brofurs and Shad awaitin’ da time when mommy and sis Dezi join us; and mommy will be a mess. Like my brofurs who have gone afur me, I didn’t wanna leave mommy. My heart didn’t wanna let go. But my body just kuldn’t keep up. I just kept getting weaker and weaker. Fankfully sis Dezi has learned all I kuld teach her and she can now pass on dat knowledge to her new sisfur and help mate to take care of mommy. Least dat’z after she getz over da confusion. I hadn’t been able to drive mommys chair fur a few weeks, but I kuld still give her massages and help Dezi get mommy outta bed. I even tried to help sis dezi with mommy in da shower today; I juzt wasn’t strong enuff to get in da tub. Even tho’ mommy cried and wuld tell me to save my strength I just kuldn’t let down on all my duties. I will always be a Service cat. I luv my mommy so much and she gave me da beztezt life a kitty kuld have ever azked fur. Ya’ know I wazn’t ‘pozed to live, so havin’ almozt 17 yearz of luvz and cuddlez? Well what more kuld a motherless kit have azked fur? Getting’ old shure wazn’t fun, and havin’ kidney disease on top of it juzt wazn’t fair. But mommy alwayz sed life wazn’t fair and dat we juzt had to mayke da beztezt of what we had. My mommy iz very wize and cuz of her and her attitude, I had a little more than a year of life after dat dreaded diagnosis.

LexiIn my lazt year I got to go on a great adventure called BlogPawz. And cuz of awl my wunnerful unklez and awntiez I got lotz of toyz, cat treez, nomz, treatz and mozt of awl lotz and lotz of luvz. You know I luvz you awl very very much; and I’z countin’ on ya’ to take care of mommy, sis Dezi and whoever comez to live with them next. I know dat mommyz heart iz breakin’ right now, and she feelz so terribly guilty fur havin’ to get another kitty. But she haz so much luv to give it wuldn’t be fair to azk her not to share it. And Dezi needz da help. Truzt me. I’z taught her awl I know but da girl can be a bit daft sometimez. And her attention span can sometimez wane. And then of course, mommy ain’t getting’ any younger, spryer or nimbler, so she’z gunna need a lot of help in da yearz to come.

So I guess I should get to my lazt will and testament huh? To my sweet bootyful sisfur Dezi…I really do luv ya’ sis. I leave you with our mommy and her heart. Her heartz broken right now, so be gentle. She luvz you more than her own life, juzt as she luvz me. And she will awlwayz do what’z beztezt fur ya’ and never ever leave ya’. Take good care of her, youz da head cat in charge now. Pass along da lessonz I taught ya’ and find dat happy balance to let your new helper know you luv ‘em but dat you are da Queen. And Dezi, do luv them, cuz mommy’z gunna need you both like she needed you and me.

LexiTo awl our sweet dear furiendz, awntiez and unklez…Remember, I luvz you awl so much I kuld never really express how I feel in mere wordz. But truzt me, da luvz run deep; and mommy and sis Dezi luvz ya’ da same. Theze lazt kupple of yearz haz been so amazin’. I never knew there were so many pawsum peepz still left in da world. Faynk you so very much fur awl you did fur me and my furmily. I only hope and purray you will continue to luv mommy and sis Dezi. And when they innerduce Dezi’s new helper, I purray you luv her too. She’z gunna havez to be speshul to put up with Dezi. (mol)

LexiTo my successor…I leave you mommy, sis Dezi and awl our wunnerful furiendz. Be patient with them, they’re goin’ thru a tough time right now, but they luv you and will give you da beztezt life ever. Give mommy awl youz luv and she’ll return it in spadez. Youz gunna get lotz of cuddlez and luv. And yez, you can sleep on da big bed. In fact you’ll be ‘spected to sleep there. Mommy’s happiezt when she’z surrounded by furry purrerz. Da only place dat be off limitz iz da kitchen counter. Dezi iz a real Southern Belle Prima Donna and now dat she’z da Queen, she’z purrobly gunna havez da big head fur a while; but juzt hang in there, she’z a great sisfur and haz so much to teach you. And when she luvz, she luvz with her whole bein’. You may not realize it yet, but youz hit da jackpot.

LexiLazt but certainly not da leazt, mommy. I luvz you so much mommy. I’z so sorry I had to leave you; I wanted to be with you furever and ever and someday we will be. Faynk you fur fightin’ fur me when I waz a baby. Faynk you fur da life you gayve me. And faynkz fur fightin’ fur me in da end. You awlwayz worried dat you didn’t givez me enuff cuz you didn’t havez money. But mommy, awl I ever needed waz da luvz you gayve me. And dat you did. I waz so blezt to havez you fur my mommy. My life waz so full of luvz and adventure. And you never broke youz purromisse…you Never left me behind. Havin’ you with me at da end waz my life comin’ full circle. I know dat tellin’ ya’ not to cry won’t work. But ifin ya’ can manage fru da tears to ‘member my life and celebrate it with joy. Mommy we had awlmozt 17 full yearz together. I’z sorry I kuldn’t hold out another month, my heart waz strong but my body juzt gave out. I waz so tired. Purrleaze luvz me enuff to luvz again. You havez so much luvz to give. I leave you with Dezi. Mommy she’z a sensitive one you know and you gotta bounce back or she won’t. She needz you to be strong. Even broken, mommy youz heart iz so full there’z purrlenty of room fur another luv. I know dat in my lazt dayz when you thought I wasn’t lissenin’ you told God to mayke Dezi stronger cuz no other kitty wuld be able to do what I havez done fur you. And dat’z juzt not true. Somewhere iz da purrfect kitty juzt waitin’ fur you. I will awlwayz be with you in youz thoughtz and memoriez. And I will be waitin’ here in heaven fur you when it’z youz time.

My favorite seat in the house.

I Leave You With

Mommy, I leave you my heart, I know yours is broken.

Mine is purrfect, You filled it with love.

Mommy, I leave you my eyes, I know yours are filled with tears.

Mine see purrfectly, Cuz they see from my heart.

Mommy I leave you with the comfort you once gave to me,

It will keep you safe, as you did for me.

I gave you my life, and would gladly do it again.

Because the life you gave me, was full of love with no end.

I asked God to give you peace,

And to wrap you in His arms;

The way you cradled me,

So tender and warm.

I asked the breeze, to blow gently in your ear;

The way you used to whisper, That you’d always be near.

I asked the sun, to shine and warm your face.

The way your smile did for me

When you looked my way.

I asked the moon to blanket you each night

The way you cuddled me and held me so tight.

When you feel lonely,

Remember me with joy.

Remember I was always happy

Just being by your side.

When everything grows quiet and still,

And the light gives way to the night

Remember, you’re never alone,

I’m right there by your side.

Remember our love, so purrfect and pure

It’s the kind that cannot die.

You can’t see me with your physical eyes,

But in your heart, I’ll always be alive.

A High 3/9/16


What a life I lived. I am one blezt kitty fur shure. Faynk you mommy and faynk you awl.

Mommy A here, first I want to thank you all for loving my baby. She loved hearing from you. I read all the comments to the girls and show them photos of all their friends. You’d be surprised how many they recognize. Lexi fought a good fight and I fought even when she gave up. In the end, she just couldn’t go on. So I had to be strong enough to let her go. I must tell you this was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My heart isn’t just broken, it’s shattered into a million pieces. Lexi was a service cat to her last breath. She just couldn’t stop herself and save her strength. My life will never be the same. She will live on in my heart and memories. I know that we are blest, and the blessing in this is that Lexi is no longer in any pain. She’s once again, young and healthy and free of care. My heart hasn’t quite gotten to this realization yet, but we want to celebrate her life. She loved with her whole being and gave all she had. And that’s what we want to remember.

I want to thank all of you for your help throughout Lexi’s illness. Thank you for all the prayers and financial help, and all the goodies the girls have gotten. Unfortunately, the shelter has increased the price of their cremation services to $125.00. If anyone can spare a few dollars to help me keep my baby close, I would be forever grateful. We have a less than half of the cost. The vet bill was more than I expected. You can donate to our PayPal using our email address: lexi.dezi@yahoo.com  If you can’t, we understand and would appreciate your prayers. Any donations over what we need will go toward vet bills, Dezi’s care and the training and care of a new service cat.  

We are still having computer problems. I haven’t really had the time to deal with it. And I don’t know if I’ll feel up to visiting for a day or two, but we will be by to see you all as soon as we can. I’m just numb right now. Lexi was the longest relationship I’ve ever had. For nearly 17 years I’ve done nothing without her. She has been my faithful companion for so long I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t here. I had to be helped out of the office because I didn’t know how to leave without her. I just feel empty inside, like part of me is missing. A lot of you understand how I feel right now, and for those who don’t, I’m sorry you’ve never truly had the love an animal can give. Altho’ I feel lost, I wouldn’t trade a minute of the last 17 years. I am so blest that she chose me to be her mommy. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

With dat, one lazt time, I will azk you to purrleaze take care of mommy and sis Dezi and mommy, you and Dezi take care of each other. It’z not goodbye, but I’ll see you again.

And I leave all of you with……..Be Blezt!!!












Luvz and Hugs and Kitty Kissez Furever



One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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