You know, I've been sitting here the past few days thinking about Sabastian and the life we had together.

sabastianAnd then this memory popped into my head. You sent me that catnip mouse what? About 2 weeks ago? Well … when I took it out of the package ... I dangled it in front of Sabastian's nose. I wanted to make sure that he could smell it. He loves catnip, and I gotta tell you your catnip in your toys over there is some powerful stuff! He sat straight up and started playing with it immediately! I know you know this because I sent you the pictures and emails telling you about it. All the kitties tried to take it from him, and he just sat on it, and wouldn't let anyone touch it! I had to get my catnip out and give it to the rest of them … they had a lot of fun that day.

sabastianwithcatnipmouseThe catnip mouse looks like it's about 500 years old now ... we found it in the water dish the day you sent it ... Sally is good at doing that. She still is playing with it though.  But I don't know if I mentioned how old Sabastian was, and how rare it was that he played anymore. But that toy gave him so much joy, and it gave Jim and I so many laughs as Sabastian played with it, and also fiercely protected it! I saw for the first time in a long time the kitten come out of him. And I can't thank you enough for that memory which I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Jim also sends his thanks ... I imagine you noticed that I was a bit excited because I kept sending you pictures and emailing you that day.

God definitely knows what He is doing, as we both know that He knew that Sabastian would be with Him soon. I mean, you know that I always was late in sending in the book list authors. I mostly did it because I enjoy looking things up. So I usually am never in a hurry to do it … but for some reason I did it immediately last month. God is good.

I'm hanging in there ... a little shell shocked still.

Jim never really had pets until I came into his life. I moved down here with Sampson, Sabastian, and Sabrina. When Sabrina died, he wasn't in the room with the vet. I didn't think he was ready for that. He stayed in the room with Sabastian, and he totally lost it. This was understandable. He realised that not all cats and dogs are the same, and they all have different personalities. Sabrina used to keep him company when he worked nights and he was getting dressed for work. Sabastian would curl up with him on the couch when he took a nap. After Sabastian passed, I knew he was crying, and he said that he wanted to be alone with him, which was fine. I knew he had to compose himself because he had to drive home.  He also wanted to talk to Sabastian before he left.

It all happened so quickly ... Pauline, your prayer really, really touched me. Since I said that prayer you wrote I have really felt God just surrounding me with His loving arms. I have broken down a few times, but I just think of how you asked God to be with me during this time, and He is. I love all of my furbabies ... but Sabastian was one of those that just kinda stood out from the rest, and we had a connection with each other. Such an emotional one ... he just always knew when I needed comfort ya know? I already saw him once...

Marmalade (one of my ginger kitties) really misses him. He was so good to Sabastian. After Sabastian used the litter box, they would sniff each other and touch noses … then Marmalade would cover everything up for Sabastian. Marmalade keeps sniffing the pants I wore to the vets, because they have Sabastian's scent on them.

A friend of mine sent me a song and personalized one of the verses for me.

I saw a blind man, tapping along,
Losing his way as he passed through the throng;
Tears filled my eyes; I said, "Friend, you can't see."
With a smile on his face, he replied to me,"

I'll see all my friends in Hallelujah Square;
What a wonderful time we'll all have up there.
We'll sing and praise Jesus, his glory to share,
And you'll not see one blind man in Hallelujah Square.

Now I saw a cripple, dragging his feet;
He couldn't walk as we do down the street.
I said, "My Friend, I feel sorry for you."
But he said, "Up in heaven I'm going to walk just like

Chorus: I'll see all my friends in Hallelujah Square;
What a wonderful time we'll all have up there.
We'll sing and praise Jesus, his glory to share,
And you'll not see one cripple in Hallelujah Square.

I saw my Sabastian, searching for breath;
Soon he'd be gone as his eyes closed in death;
He looked at me and said, "Momma, don't look so blue;
I'm going up to heaven where I'm waiting for you."


I'll see all my friends in Hallelujah Square
What a wonderful time we'll all have up there
We'll sing and praise Jesus, His glory we'll share
AND there'll be no more sickness in Hallelejah

I was just showing a friend of mine those catnip mouse pictures that I sent to you. We laughed a lot at them because it was just so funny to see Sabastian protect it so fiercely. He had so much fun that day, and even now as I type I sit here with a smile on my face thinking about it ... I am just so glad he had so much fun, and that he felt like he was king of the cats again!  He was always kinda head of the kitties, and made sure the other kitties knew this. Even when he went blind, he made sure they knew he was in charge ... but that day I think he really felt it again ... thank you again for giving me a memory I will never forget...

Val (Florida)

Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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