If I could write to you, Kiwi...  I would include a million kisses for you.  I would let you know how much I wish I could see you just once more, hug you just once more, whisper just once more “I love you” as I dig my face in your soft fur, just once more.  I would take one last picture, give you one last treat, and love you more than ever before.

KiwiKiwi, I see you, sitting on your haunches, gazing at my face, awaiting the treat I hold in my hand.  The vision disappears ... you are now installed on my lap, purring loudly, and gently digging your claws in my skin.  You want me to stand up, to feed you, to play with you just once more.  I wish I could ... but you are not there anymore.

Sweetest of all cats, why did you have to leave so soon?  Did God want you as badly as I did?  Why is it that lovely things never last long?  My mind is bursting with questions, yet I know they will never be answered.  I am thankful you came into my life and made it brighter, and I cannot express my gratitude in words.  You taught me life, you taught me death, and you taught me unconditional love.  Yes, Kiwi, you taught me death.  That car, it was death.  That dreadful evening when you came back home, silent and still, in the arms of the one you loved ... it was death.  I wish you hadn’t taught me death.

If I could send you a letter, one letter, it would be short ... but you would understand, Kiwi.  You understand everything.  Oh, Kiwi, my letter would be ...

“Dear Kiwi,
I miss you.
Love, Maia”

In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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