Litter is a bone of contention for many responsible cat slaves. Which is the best type to get? As with all things, the manufacturers produce a variety of products with YOU, the consumer, in mind not with any thought for the cat who will be using their products. 

Litter is a personal choice - for the cat! If your cat has come from a breeder, then a preferential brand or type of litter may already be an essential part of your cat’s routine. It doesn’t hurt to check out the other varieties to see what they have to offer and whether or not it will improve your cat’s toileting habits. Many cats dislike the litter their slaves have chosen for them and this often results in them taking drastic action and defecating or urinating on your prize carpet or antique furniture!


I’ve already discussed the importance of positioning the litter tray in Litter Tray Blues but it is equally important to provide the right type of litter for your cat. Given that there are so many different types available you should be able to find one that your cat will appreciate.


CAT’S BEST ÖKOPLUS is a totally organic, wood-based clumping cat litter. The lightweight granules are extremely soft on cats’ paws, making it ideal for kittens. Produced from untreated domestic spruce and fir timber, the granules effectively absorb liquids and capture unpleasant odours. Thanks to its clumping qualities, the soiled litter is easy to scoop out and replace, making Cat’s Best very economical. Ökoplus is compostable and biodegradable and can also be disposed of in the toilet.

Available from Pets at Home, Jollyes, specialist retailers and online at

I bought this litter for my cats and it really proved to be an excellent purchase. It comes in either 10L (£5.99) or 40L (£21.99) bags and seems expensive BUT it is incredibly good value for money.  It lasts for absolutely ages because you don’t need to use as much.

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Litter Pearls is made from silica gel which is similar to gravel in consistency. Litter Pearls eliminates odours, even from stools; absorbs urine almost immediately; tracks less; has tested 99.6 % dust-free and is harmless to both cats and humans. It contains no chemicals or fillers and does not swell up or clump if eaten. You only have to fill the tray once, taking out the ‘big bits’ and thoroughly stirring the rest. It is eco-friendly and biodegrades to a very small amount of silica sand.

It comes in a 1 kg bag and costs £4.99. For nearest stockists, please go to: or telephone 01782 520376


CATSAN HYGIENE litter offers extra mineral protection for extra reliable cat hygiene. Individual grains of fine chalk and natural quartz sand soak up fluid like a sponge to inhibit bacteria and absorb odours. The tester found that it did stick to her cat’s paws quite a bit as it is quite light and it did track throughout the house. However, there was no mess at the bottom of the tray when it came to cleaning and solids were easily scooped out.

It comes in 5L (£2.59), 10L (£5.29) and 20L (£9.99) bags and can be found at some pet stores and supermarkets.  Contact Mars Petcare UK on 0800 738 800 or visit the website:

SOPHISTICAT ANTI BACTERIAL non clumping cat litter

Sophisticat Antibacterial is made with unique blue granules which contain antibacterial ingredients that inhibit the growth of bacteria. This makes for a much more hygienic environment for owners and cats. Tests have shown that antibacterial can double the life of the cat litter offering convenience to users as it will need less maintenance.

It comes in 8L (£3.57) and 25L (£8.99) bags and can be found is most pet stores and some supermarkets.


Beauticat is an organic wood-based cat litter made from 100% recovered sawdust which retains its natural pine fresh scent. As well as being biodegradable, Beauticat is up to five times more absorbent than some other traditional cat litters.

The tester said that she loved the smell of this litter and there was no dust. Her cat managed to rake it properly and he used it straight away. Wet litter was easy to scoop up, although it wasn’t so easy to separate solids from unsoiled pellets.

It comes in 5L, 10L, 15L and 30L bags, prices start around £1.65 and can be found at most pet stores and some supermarkets.  Or go to:   

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I am indebted to the Daily Mewsers for their input (and output!) in this comparison. 

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