Reggie with Hemp TreatsMy bruv, Reggie has been very poorly for some time. He has had major surgery and operations on his eye and at one stage his eye was sewn up for over a month so he was treated with every kindness and love that he deserved for being a brave little soldier, as he was called.

He's doing OK now, but I think he's a bit of a con artist and is now milking it for all he is worth as he recovers. He lies, snoozling the day away, on a special 'day bed' on the duvet with a special purple blanket and pillows as our Hooman spoils him with treats, love, cuddles and titbits as part of his recovery. 

I think he's piled the weight on and has become a big grey slug. Not that I'm jealous of all the pampering and spoiling he's been getting. But I miss playing with him. Reggie has been so poorly that he's had to take things easy ... for months. And I'm bored. Soooooooooooo bored without him. He was my playmate, my best bro. We'd chase ping pong balls round the house at daft o'clock when our hooman was trying to get to sleep. We'd have massive play fights that had us rumbling round on the carpet thumping each other. And we'd walk round the gardens here at Tom Cat Towers like two brother lions on the savanna. I've missed all that. And we'd cuddle up purring as we watched the wildlife, hedgehogs, squirrels, blackbirds and other visitors outside on our patio at night.

Sometimes, I have been allowed to sit on the bed with him, as long as I'm gentle and don't bite him. I miss my bruv.

Hooman came home with a new treat for the patient to try. True Hemp Treats. I don't know what was in them, but his Lordship went mad for them! Hooman had to go and get more, he's addicted to them!  They seem to have perked him up no end. Suddenly he's full of energy, he's got a glint in his eye, which he then focused on me as he gave me a thump with his paw as I was snoozing next to him.  That was a bit of a shocker! He was clearly on the road to recovery, getting back to his old self.

Reggie has hauled himself off the bed and been racing up and down the carpet like a kitten. He's been out in the garden where he's been socialising with the birds and squirrels, and he's been back to his old self chasing me round for play fights and scampering round Tom Cat Towers. Then he's back reclining on his day bed as hooman gives him his special Hemp Treats. He rolls on his back inviting tummy tickles and treats as he purrs his love out. He is a bit of an old seducer when it comes to cupboard love.

Reggie and Gabion with Hemp TreatsToday, I was with him on his convalescent day bed. I was tempted, I stuck my nose in the pouch and had a sniff. Then my paw slowly reached in and I hooked a hemp treat. Oh, my goodness, they were delish!

I noticed that the special cupboard where Reggie’s treatment and treats are stored have a nice supply of these True Hemp Treats. I think it's high time I started to learn the lessons of cupboard love, in the hope that some of these exquisite nuggets come my way. I can see why Reggie has been keeping them to himself. And they are healthy too with things like fig, pea leaf, flax seed and pomegranate. No wonder Reggie has been bursting with vitality recently.

Looks like I've got my playmate back again, as long as I don't overexert him, and we now share the little True Hemp Treats, so life is looking good again here at Tom Cat Towers!

Website:   If you contact them their customer service is very friendly and  helpful.

The website details all the product range when you click on 'Cat Treats'.

They also can be found on Facebook - True Leaf Pet

They also do 'cuddle cushion' catnip toys which Reggie highly recommends. Very addictive!! He has both the True Hemp Valerian Catnip and the catnip cuddle cushion which were intended as presents for his birthday on 27th June.  However, he found them, so they were given to him early.

You can buy direct, or they can be bought from Amazon. 

 Gabion Tzchugge

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