Felix_soup“Have you seen this, Casey?”

“What is it meant to be, Gibbs?”

“Darned if I know.  Mum just put the bowls down for us and walked away.”

“Well, if Mum gave it to us, it must be good, Gibbs.  She wouldn’t give us any old rubbish, would she?”

“Hmmph, we’ll see.”

A few seconds later ….

“What is this stuff? It’s the most yukkyist slop we’ve ever eaten.”

“That’s just it, Gibbs, we haven’t eaten it.  You can’t – you have to slurp it because its not meaty chunks in jelly like we like it. My tongue is tired, from just having to slurpy slurp slurp.”

“Why would she give us this stuff, Casey?  Have we done something to upset her and this is a punishment? Slops for the rest of our lives?”

Felix soup“No, Gibbs, keep your whiskers on.  She’d never do that.  She’d rather go without food herself than let us eat rubbish.  No, this must be something we’re reviewing for the lovely peeps that visit our website.”

“Oh, well if that’s the case, then it gets zero paws up from me, Casey.”

“Me, too, Gibbs.  Mum – we’re starving.  What’s for dinner?”

Casey and Gibbs were reviewing Felix soup.  Don’t waste your money. (Ed.)  

Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

  • Reduces fighting, injury and noise
  • Reduces spraying and smelling
  • Much less likely to wander and get lost
  • Safer from diseases like feline AIDS, mammary tumours and feline leukaemia
  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens

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