Gibbs with his new luxury snowflake bed‘Recently, Gibbs and I opened a parcel from The Cat Gallery people - they’re in York, England – and guess what was in there?’

‘Let me tell them, Casey! Can I? Please?’

‘Whatever makes you happy, Gibbs.’

‘Inside the parcel were two new blankies for me and Casey.’

‘They’re actually called Luxury Snowflake Blankets, Gibbs, but if you want to call yours a blankie, be my guest.’

‘And they’re so comfy. I spend all day in bed now because I don’t want to get out of it.’

‘This is true, people, Gibbs does spend all day curled up in his bed. But, to be fair to him, they are rather super.’

‘Mine is spread over my other bed which makes it super-double-double-super comfy.’

Casey in his new luxury snowflake bed from the Cat Gallery‘Mine’s on the sofa next to Mum. I like to keep an eye on the television programmes she watches. But Gibbs is right: if you lay the blankie, erm blanket on top of an existing bed, it does make it even more luxurious.  But it’s perfectly perfect just lying it on the sofa, where mine is.’

‘And Casey, although Mum hasn’t washed ours yet, she told me that they are machine washable which is a plus.  Not that you and I do the washing.’

‘Yes Gibbs, that’s right.  And Mum – who still has both arms and legs – said they didn’t cost an arm and a leg, so that’s another plus for the purse or wallet.’

‘To get yours, ask your Human or Staff to go to and check out Luxury Snowflake Blankets.  The code is: 76627.  Tell them Gibbs and Casey from highly recommend them. Maybe you’ll get one as a Christmas present.  Do let us know!

We give them 5 paws up!’       


In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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