Wonder Cats: True stories of extraordinary felines by Ashley Morgan is a compilation of stories of remarkable cats and their heroic exploits, experiences and adventures.  

Arranged into 10 different categories, these stories are certainly uplifting and truly heartening.

It never ceases to amaze me the strength of the human-pet bond. Those of us who are blessed to share our lives with a cat or dog will always have something slightly more special than those who do not and these stories of ‘Wonder Cats’ reflect that amazing bond.

From the cat who told her owner she had cancer, to the cat who alerted her sleeping owner to a fire downstairs; brave cats like the Mama Kitty called Scarlet who rescued all 5 of her kittens from a blazing building to Faith, also a Mama cat who moved her kitten to safety hours before bombs fell flattening the church she lived in.

These remarkable stories will confirm once again – as if confirmation were needed – that these sensitive spirits, who take up residence in our homes and hearts, will go that extra mile to save us, should that time ever arise.

This is a book which can be read in one sitting – as I did – or dipped into, randomly choosing one of the many stories which will leave you bursting with pride or smiling with love – or both.

Wonder Cats by Ashley Morgan is a book to lift your spirits and if you can bear to let it go once you’ve read and enjoyed it, you can pass it on to someone else who may need their spirits uplifted too.

Published in paperback by Summerdale, it is available in all good book stores and here:




The ISBN number is: 978-1-84953-042-2. Go to www.summerdale.com for more details. 

Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

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  • Reduces spraying and smelling
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  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens

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