After watching 'The Dog Whisperer' with host Cesar Millan a number of times, I was intrigued by Cesar's ability to successfully train dogs and his way of communicating with them. Cesar grew up on a farm in Mexico, where he observed the psychology of dogs for a number of years and had always dreamt of being the best dog trainer in the world. 

When he grew old enough to attend school, he had no other choice than to leave behind farm-life and start on a fresh footing in the city to get a good education. He decided one day that he would move to the United States when he became old enough and began working towards his endeavour.

With only one hundred dollars, Cesar began his journey, and crossed the border illegally. Speaking very little of the English language, Cesar set out for a job, preferably working with dogs. One day he came across two women who owned a grooming parlour, and that’s where his life in the United States began. He is now a legal resident of the USA.

Watching Cesar work is like watching God heal the sick. I had no other choice than to get my hands on the book 'Cesar’s Way' and begin a new life for myself and of course, my dogs. In almost every chapter in Cesar's book, he emphasizes the importance of understanding dog psychology. Dogs are dogs; they are not humans, and they do not wish to be treated like them.

It is important that we also establish our role as 'Pack Leader' and show the dog who really is the boss of the relationship. If the dog has no pack leader, his life will be unstable, and lead him in the wrong directions. Dogs actually enjoy it better if they have a leader, instead of having to be one themselves.

If you are a true dog lover, like myself, and you want to improve your relationship with your canine, 'Cesar’s Way' is the best route to adopt. I've been trying some of Cesar’s strategies as I get closer to finishing reading the book, such as his 'Calm-Assertive' approach, and understanding a dog’s body language. As a result, I am actually becoming closer with my dogs than ever before, and it's almost like they are relieved to know that they are not the leader.

The ‘Calm-Assertive’ approach is just one of the many methods Cesar uses to communicate with the dogs he works with. This method basically reminds the owners to keep calm and be assertive, not aggressive. For instance, if your dog 'Fido' doesn't like other dogs and goes crazy if he sees another dog in the distance and if Fido senses that you are nervous, he will develop that feeling himself, because he responds to YOU – because you are the leader. Dogs always copy their leader, because the leader is the role model.

There are other chapters where you will find many, many more strategies to use when training your dog, and of course, in the process, training yourself.

Cesar is a miracle worker.

Reviewed by Chris Janes (Canada)

Cesar's Way by Cesar Millan
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 978-1-4159-3407-4
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Coles, Chapters Indigo

Editor's Note:

Chris works at the Exploits Valley SPVC as a Volunteer Coordinator and writes and edits the magazine for all the volunteers, called PAWS AND CLAWS. He's a great animal activist and cares deeply about animal welfare.



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