Margy Ohring has a unique talent for getting right into a cat’s mind and understanding its thoughts. Then she has the unique talent for putting these thoughts into the most poignant of poems. 

Cat-house Sonnets is a celebration of the feline in all its glory and wonder. Margy captures the quintessential spirit of a cat and writes about it with such knowledge that having read her poetry, you know the cat intimately. Margy’s poems have won many awards and deservedly so. She writes with great insight and wisdom and you cannot fail to fall in love with not only Margy’s beautifully written poems, but with cats in general.

Comments include:

‘How do you get into their heads like that?!!! Amazing!’  - Sue Benjamin

‘I so appreciate your gift of capturing a cat’s purrsonality.’ – Sue Glashofer

'Cat-house Sonnets' is available by sending an email to and at

ISBN: 978-0-9710696-4-0

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