Hi there and a very warm welcome to everyone. I do hope you’ll enjoy this issue of the Scratching Post.

All copies of the Mewsletters that were sent out this year (2013) are now in the Mewsletters’ Archive section on the website so if you’ve missed any issues, you will find them all there. The Scratching Post also has an archive section too, and the three previous issues are also filed away there – so if you want to check up on links, or past competitions, that’s the place to head to. Just look under KITTYBITS. 

One thing I MUST say is a MEGA huge thank you to Anthony Smith for the fantastic cartoon he’s produced for the Scratching Post lead page and for the cartoon heading up this Scratching Post. Anthony’s cartoons appear on the Home Page of the website each month and to see more of his amazing cartoons do go to www.learntospeakcat. He’s on Facebook (learn to speak cat) and has two excellent stocking filler books out right now:

Bad dog, no biscuit

 Learn to speak cat  

 It’s not too late to buy either book to give away as presents – or buy both and keep one!


The last Book Quiz was won by Jared Kline in Belgium; well done, Jared for getting all 3 answers correct.

The answers

Now for this month’s Book Quiz


Congratulations to Rita in the US for her winning caption to Dan Weiss’ cat, Johnnie II looking in the laundry bin. As a special surprise Dan is sending Rita a very special prize.

You can see all the entries here on this link.

The latest caption competition (39) shows my little cat Charlie when he had broken his back paw, sitting on a cat magazine. What do you think he might be thinking about?

Submit your entries for the Caption Competition 39 and answers to the Book Quiz to p.dewberry@ntlworld.com by Friday 27th December. Thank you.

Caption Competition 39  


Just want to give you a heads up for a great new competition coming in the New Year with a fantastic prize. So watch this space!!!


As Christmas is just literally seconds away, here are some links to some favourite animal charity websites where I often buy little bits and pieces to give away as presents – and for gifts for my cats:

The Blue Cross: www.bluecrossshop.org.uk

The Blue Cross has a short video showing pictures of animals in their care and asking what we can give a pet that has nothing for Christmas:

What can I give?

The PDSA: www.pdsa-shop.co.uk

The Dogs’ Trust also has some great gifts for the canine in your family:


The Natural Pet Toy Company does some great catnip toys – and other things too for cats and dogs;


Mad about Cats also has some great presents to give not only humans but cats as well: www.madaboutcats.co.uk

Pam Richards, Australia sent me this link of a cat using a fork to eat its dinner – yes, really!


And she sent me this next link about an elephant (Shirley) who met up with Jenny, an elephant she hadn’t seen in over 20 years; would they remember each other? You’ll have tears of joy – I did:


I was recently sent a story – an incredible story – about the wonderful ‘Elephant Whisperer’ Lawrence Anthony who died last year. Two herds of wild elephants (31 in total) patiently walked over 112 miles to reach his house to pay their respects to him. This is pure animal love – one species for another – borne out in their action. If only humans would take a leaf out of animal behaviour, the world might be a better place.

I looked it up on the Internet and was rewarded by this amazing link. Do check it out and click on the video. It lasts about 5 minutes but oh my goodness, it is SO worth it!

Elephant Love

Britta in Canada sent me a story about an orphaned foal who liked to cuddle up to various teddy bears. Here’s a link to a little You Tube video followed by a link to the Mare and Foal Sanctuary which looks after Breeze:

Breeze and Buttons 

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary

Ed Kostro sent me a link to an English story (which I hadn’t seen) about a dangerous dog that was about to be put down and his friendship with a feisty goose who tamed him. The pair are great friends now:


Ham in the US (Stormy’s food bowl attendant) sent me the following link about 10 signs to tell if your cat really loves you:


I cannot abide animal cruelty and at Christmas time my inbox and the post that comes through my letter box has been inundated with horrific pictures and stories about cats and dogs being abandoned and left to fend for themselves. This next link shows a dying dog and his wish to be loved:


Back in June I discovered a wonderful cat website: www.lovemeow.com Do sign up for their incredible stories and videos.

A pet website that I love dearly is run by my old chum and stand in while I was in hospital having chemotherapy, Stacey Mantle. Do go to her website www.petsweekly.com and sign up for her newsletter. She packs a lot in and it’s full of the latest gadgets and gizmos for your pets. Tell her I said ‘hi’ when you nip over there!

I’ve always loved donkeys and they live for absolutely ages. It’s a sad fact that they, too, have fallen foul of the financial downturn and are suffering as a result. 

The Donkey Sanctuary

Well, that about wraps up this issue of the Scratching Post. The Mewsletter should be with you in time to read during a lull in the festivities and the website will be updated with a whole heap of wonderful Yuletide stories and one or two old favourites to entertain you. I’ll also be sending out a Christmas greeting to you all.

Take care and keep warm and safe.

With love

Pauline – chief editor
Sam – hearing impaired chief assistant to the chief editor
Casey – gofer and assistant to the chief assistant to the chief editor












A Cats Purr

"Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr ...

A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves - that we are nice."

Roger A Caras

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