Hi there everyone and a warm welcome to your second issue of the Scratching Post.

Thank you to everyone who kindly sent emails, condolence cards, both through the mail and e-greetings cards, and some of you even telephoned me to give me your love and to hold me in my time of loss. 

Losing Ollie was such a shock and to be honest, I still do not really want to believe it despite having had his funeral. It wasn’t done at Cambridge Pet Crematorium like it has been in the past; one of my lovely subscribers contacted me to tell me about a pet crem nearer to where I live in Kent. I contacted the people and they couldn’t have been kinder.

I will still continue working on Ollie’s Diaries to get them finished to put on Kindle and any other medium of publication – hopefully. Much to my surprise another project formed in my head and I’ve been working on that for the past week or so. I might be able to share it with you by the time the Mewsletter is ready to send out.

Thank you again, to everyone who responded to the Scratching Post that I sent out on 8th July. Ollie, like Garfield, touched a lot of hearts.


How many times a day do you feed your cat(s)? So far only 13 people have responded to the poll. Just go to the home page and scroll down. It’s easy to do: just click on the answer which best suits your style of living.



The book quiz was won by Caroline Waterson who will receive her prize within the next few days.

The answers are on this link: BOOK QUIZ

Caroline is a Brit living in Missouri who works as a volunteer at a Humane Society which is totally donation funded - doing fundraising!!   “We have around 70 dogs and 60 cats. No-Kill, we manage to find good homes for them all.”

www.tri-lakeshumanesoc.org for more details.   

This month’s book quiz can be found here:


There was a good response this time to the picture of Charlie whispering in Timmy’s ear while Billy walked away. You can see all the captions and see the winning entry on this link:


Well done to Arlene Sphikas in the US for the winning caption. They were all so good.

This month’s caption competition can be found here:

Please send answers to Book Quiz and caption entries to me p.dewberry@ntlworld.com by Monday 12th August.


Georgina Gibbons has an incredible gift. For several years running she has won the coveted BBC Wildlife Artist of the year prize for her life-like paintings of animals. See her website here:


Marilyn in the US sent this heart-warming story of a blind dog unable to walk that finally finds her forever home and changes an entire village in the process :


Mike Kolonel in Canada sent me these links:




Michael Smith in Iowa sent me these links:

A beautiful relationship between an orang-utan and a dog:


The Ninja Cats:


Britta in the US sent me this next link, which I think is particularly beautiful:


And she sent this adorable one:


This next link is not for the faint hearted (or prudes). It’s nothing to do with animals, well, not the feathered or furred kind, at any rate. It’s to do with the Man Animal and this is the link that made me realise I can multi-task: I was coughing, laughing and peeing myself – all at the same time! Who knew!!! Scroll down and just keep reading – it gets better. Enjoy!


Has this ever happened to you?


Natalie Wright (UK) sent me this story of a cat that was rescued from a house fire – scowling at her rescuer.


The Humane Society of the United States sent me this link:

Chips Deserve Better

Daryl Beech from Scotland sent me a link to a rescue he provides for lost dogs (and cats) in Scotland


Robert Blau (US) sent me this link:


For people who want to make their own pet food, Robert sent this link:


Pam Richards in Australia sent me this link to managing feline lower urinary tract disease:


My friend Lee in the UK sent me this link of a talking parrot:


M J Bradley sent me this live link of kittens:

Watch kitties in a cage free setting … the best kitty rescue ever!


Thanks to every one who sent links. I really appreciate it.

The Mewsletter should be with you by the end of the month so we’ll chat more then.

In the meantime take care in the sun and do not leave children or pets in locked cars. They can die within 10 minutes.

With love

Pauline – broken-hearted editor whose sun has just left the skies
Sam – hearing impaired assistant editor who is in a world of his own
Casey – general gopher and assistant to the hearing impaired assistant and cheerer-upper to the broken-hearted editor whose sun has just left the skies




One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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