Hi everyone and a very belated Happy New Year to you all. Let’s hope that this year will be kinder in every way.

Well, I expect you were wondering where I was and why the website didn’t go live as hoped around Christmas. I have been ill for the past 7 or so weeks and spent more than two weeks lying on the sofa with Sam and Ollie on nursing duties before, during and after the Christmas period. Lawrence was ill too, but with the flu bug that was going around and we didn’t see each for 5 days before Christmas as we were both quietly ‘dying’ on our respective sofas; he had Mason, his little dog for company and I had the purrfect pair of purring of pussies, Sam and Ollie in attendance.

All our plans for Christmas and Boxing Day (26th December) went out the window as we had to cancel everything. All I had to eat for my ‘Christmas’ dinner was a tomato flavoured cuppa-soup and 2 Rivita crispbreads spread with a light cheese. (All together now: AAHHHH!! – louder than that!!!! AAAAAHHHHH)

Not being on the computer for over 2 weeks meant that when I finally did get back on there, I had over 1,000 emails to deal with.

I’ve been working flat out for the last couple of weeks trying to get more content transferred over. If I tell you I began with over 1,300 articles and I still have about 200 – 300 left to transfer, you’ll know how hard I’ve been working. My web designer has also done a lot for me but had various work commitments which meant he couldn’t help out as much as he wanted to.

Learning a new editing package was a scary thing for a woman of my ‘advanced’ years but Sam and Ollie convinced me I could do it. And you know what??? I have done it – much to my surprise! Proof that you can teach ‘old dogs’ new tricks!!!

I’m hoping that the website will be ready to go ‘live’ by Valentine’s Day; that is now my new aim. I’m having an operation on my right eye next Thursday and have been told that I probably won’t be able to use the computer for about 2 weeks – so I’m trying to get as much of those 200 - 300 remaining articles done as possible. So by the time we’re ready to go live, there might only be a few things outstanding to go on the site, but I can add them over time and it won’t detract from your enjoyment.

How are you feeling about all this change? I hope you’re as excited as I am. It’s been a massive venture and to be honest, right at the beginning, I did wonder whether I’d done the right thing, whether I should have just left things as they were because it’s much easier to stick with what you know rather than take a risk and branch out into the unknown. So you’ll be the judge of that when we’re finally up and running.

Thank you again for your incredible patience and I can’t wait until next month when I send you the first proper Mewsletter of 2013 inviting you to step inside your new look website. The Daily Mews is much more than just the Mewsletter; I know many of you enjoy the Mewsletter but the website has so much content that it is worth a good look round now and then just to see what’s on it.

I am happy to tell you that Rose Varga of Massachusetts submitted the winning entry to the last Caption Competition and you can see all the entries currently on the ‘old’ look website on this link:


Because of time constraints I’m not doing the caption competition or the book quiz this month but they will start up again next time.

Once again, thank you for sticking with me and for your patience and I hope that you’ll feel it’s all been worth it.

Take care,

Lots of Love

Pauline – editor of a nervous disposition
Sam – hearing impaired sub-editor
Ollie – sleep consultant sub-editor 


A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.


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