Hi there and a very warm welcome to each and every single one of you – and to the newbies who made it through the cat flap in between the torrential downpours and the sunny spells since the last Mewsletter went out.

Well the UK is currently gripped with Olympics Fever and in between moaning about the weather (which we’re very good at!) and moaning about the increased traffic, the hike in prices and the lack of decent programmes on television because the Olympic coverage has blotted out everything else – we’re not doing too badly at the moment!  We had one glorious week of sunshine where the temperature rose to a heady 90 degrees and the cats flopped on anything cool they could find, but then the rain came back with a vengeance. Two thunder storms in one day and the temperatures are back to their usual ‘can’t be bothered’ status.

Sam has had surgery since the last Mewsletter. I noticed that he wasn’t eating despite going to his food bowl and having a good sniff. Worrying that he might be heading in the same direction as Ricky who died 5 years ago this month with lymphoma of the nasal passages, I sped him up to see Kevin, our wonderful vet. A bad tooth was the culprit with plaque and tartar on the teeth and the need for a general tidy up (Kevin’s words) in the mouth. So Sam – bless him – had to forgo his breakfast on Thursday 19th July and he had his operation. The lower canine tooth (the fang) plus three roots were removed and a clean and polish of his other teeth were carried out. He came home at 6.00pm and I was told that it would be best to keep him in for that night and to only offer a light supper.

I put his carrying basket down on the floor in the hallway, opened the lid and Sam leapt out, rushed down the hall into the dining room, through the kitchen and out the back door before I had chance to even close the lid on the carrier. Whether he’d held his bladder for the length of time he’d been in the vets I don’t know, but he came in a short while later looking very relieved.

I proffered the ‘light’ supper and it was wolfed down in seconds. His expectant face looked up at me so I put down a bit more for him. That helping went the way of the first. In total he ate 6 bowls of food during the course of the evening and went in and out of the cat flap several times. So much for a ‘light’ supper and keeping him in!

He was a bit disorientated and kept crying and as he’s deaf I had to try somehow to put him at ease. He isn’t a cuddle bum like Billy used to be and he wouldn’t settle on the sofa like he usually does when I watch television in the evenings. He kept pacing up and down, back and forth to the cat flap and seemed generally on edge. I had to give him painkillers (via a syringe into his mouth) every 6 hours and I got up during the night to continue it so that he would be pain free. But it just goes to show how drugs mess with your head. I remember Garfield being exactly the same after he had similar surgery. 

After a couple of days he was back to his normal self and he took up his place on the sofa next to Ollie and I while we watched NCIS repeats on Saturday night.

At his check up on Thursday (26th) the vet nurse found an infection in his mouth and I had to take him back to see Kevin on Thursday 2nd August for another check up. If it had been necessary he would have had another antibiotic injection which lasts for 2 weeks. Sam is not a tablet taker so although it probably works out more expensive, there is less stress caused to him by having a long-lasting injection and less damage to my body parts, thereby reducing the need for emergency hospitalisation or a tetanus injection for me!  Thankfully, Kevin said his mouth was clear and as Sam is eating normally now (not 6 bowls of dinner in one go, I might add!) hopefully, he’ll be ok now. He’s doing very well for a 15 year old deaf cat.

Which brings me to another subject: pet insurance. Who reads the fine print? Do you? I didn’t – so I was not prepared when I submitted the claim to receive a letter stating that ‘dental treatment’ isn’t covered on the policy. I paid the bill up front knowing I would be overdrawn at my bank but thinking in a week or so the insurance would be paid out – minus the ‘excess charge’ and it would be ok.

So I paid out almost £500 (which is roughly $850) and I won’t see any of it back. My worry is that Sam is considered an old cat, and like old cars, things start to go wrong or wear out. I just hope my insurance will cover these things if the time comes. So let that be a warning to you all – check your insurance policies thoroughly to make sure you can cover all eventualities. I will be eating ‘fresh air’ now for the next six months to try and get my bank balance down to ‘normal’ again. But I do have plenty of cat food stored up – don’t worry – the cats will be fine.      

Ollie was 10 on 1st August and he still behaves like a naughty school boy who’s been found smoking behind the bicycle sheds in the school playground.  Thankfully, he is a healthy boy who loves nothing more than sitting on my lap at every opportunity. Going to the bathroom now requires a cloak and dagger approach as he’d follow me in and sit on my lap there too!   

Here are some pictures of Ollie celebrating in style as only he can – the Ollie Way:



GeraldSchiffhorst in Florida sent me this short, but humorous, story about a little boy playing ‘church’ with his cat:


Gerald has a blog where he writes on all different subjects but he did write one recently entitled ‘In Praise of Cats’.


Scroll down until you reach 21st July 2012 and you’ll see ‘In Praise of Cats’ - and he’s been kind enough to mention the Daily Mews website – too! Thank you, Jerry!  


Last month’s Book Quiz was won by Graham Peters of Ireland – well done, Graham – a prize is on its way to you.

The answers were:

The Devious Book for Cats by Fluffy and Bonkers

Famous Felines: Cats Lives in Fact and Fiction by David Alderton

Psychic Cats by Theresa Cheung

Now for this month’s Book Quiz – who wrote the following?

Your Pets’ Past Lives and How They Can Help You

Cat Speak – Recognising and Understanding Behaviour

Sparkle Puss, The Cornish Chocolate Apothecary

Answers please to p.dewberry@ntlworld.com by 21st August.


Congratulations to Mike Smith from the US who won the Caption Competition in the last Mewsletter. It was a picture of Billy, Timmy and Joey stretched out on the sofa showing their gorgeous markings. Well done, Mike – a prize is on its way to you. To see a list of all the entries – and Mike’s winning caption – click on this link:


For this month’s caption competition, click on the link and see what witty captions you can come up with. My thanks go to Natalie Wright for allowing me to use a picture of her beautiful tortoiseshell, Stella – asleep in her new cat tower. As always, up to 5 entries allowed, and please send them to me at the usual address by 21st August.



I don’t know about you, but I’ve enjoyed every single one of Chris Pranger’s stories about his cats and this month’s offering is just as good. Because of time constraints, Chris didn’t have time to find a picture of his cat Alan so we’ll have to imagine what he looks like. Chris has also moved house and job and unfortunately, this will be his last article for us. All of us here at the Daily Mews office would like to wish him every happiness in his new home and new job.


I’m sure most of us can relate to Mike Smith’s experience of his kitten Callie; she has masses of toys but spent over an hour trying to catch a fly. For Mike and his wife, Ginny – it was hilarious free entertainment. Mike writes a regular weekly inspirational newsletter and you will find a link at the end of his piece about Callie where you can sign up for free:



Just 5 ‘simple’ rules can keep your cats safe throughout the summer months:


(check out Garfield wearing my sunglasses lying on my lounger!)

Diabetes can seem as if it’s too serious an illness to think about dealing with, but with the right diet and medication your cat can live for many happy years, or if he’s fortunate enough like my cat Garfield, he overcame it just before his 19th birthday! 



Last time I featured a story written by Patrick Roberts about Midge, the cat that would run alongside her owner, Martin. I located the actual film that was made by Motus TV of their great run and have been given permission to include it on the site:


Britta in the US sent me this astonishing link about a 3 month old kitten who survived a sea journey from China:


Britta sent me a link to this organisation based in California: Hope for Paws – their workload is brutal – rescuing cats and dogs that people are dumping – abandoning, neglecting – there are no ‘nice’ words to say what people are doing to their pets:


Clara in the US sent me the following link; strictly speaking elephants having a mud bath isn’t anything to do with cats but there is a cute little baby elephant that you’ll be rooting for:


I made a goof in the Links last time which none of you picked up on – perhaps you don’t read that far down the Mewsletter huh???? Anyway, Mike K in Canada gave me the link to a cute dog and cat couple and it only lasts 20 seconds so here’s the correct link:


He also sent me these links which you’ll enjoy:

This first one is about an Israeli man who divorces his wife over her 550 cats. Bit inconsiderate of him, don’t you think!!!!


This next video link is amazing:


And how about Mugsy, the cat who slaps alligators:


Marilyn in the US sent me this link of two cute little kittens:


Jenain Texas sent me this link which is for a specialised cat run:


and also a funny You Tube link for Denis, the Cat Burglar:


Mike Smith in the US sent me this link of a dog that had been trained to carry the cat home:


and finally, Ham in the US (Stormy’s Food Bowl Attendant) sent me the link to Stubbs, who has been the Write In Feline Mayor of a town in Alaska for the past 15 years!



Little Dumpty Roo (Her Royal Mewness) continues with her Mewsings and in part 4, she has found a secret weapon to inflict on Maid should she ever fall short in her high and exacting standards, and in part 5 she disdainfully and derisorily rejects a snoozzeee pod that had been given to her – but her loss was Willi Whiskas’ and Dippi-Duck’s gain as they both love it.



I make no secret of the fact that I love Jimmy’s one-eyed view of life. He’s an elderly states-cat and he’s allowed to vent his spleen on the relatively safe pages of The Daily Mews website. With the Olympics taking over all our television channels, our newspapers, magazines, and anything else, what does Jimmy have to say on the matter? You can bet his view is no-holds barred!



Going through my bits and pieces on my computer the other day, I found this little poem which I really liked. I thought it appropriate for the Napping on a Sunbeam section and hope that it gives you some comfort in your time of loss:


Life can be so cruel as in the case of Luka Sergei, a beautiful boy who sadly was run over and killed just a few days ago.


Stephanie Sorrell (who wrote The Therapist’s Cat – reviewed in the Book Review section) sent me 4 really lovely, inspirational pieces that she’d written and I know you will get great comfort from each piece.





And that’s about it for this time. I’m sorry it’s a smidge later than it was meant to be but hopefully the next issue will be more or less on schedule towards the end of the month.

Thank you to everyone who sends me links – I do get so many that I can’t always include them each time. But do keep sending them. If you’ve read any good cat books that you think we might enjoy, do write a review and I’ll put it in the Book Review section. As always, your feedback is invaluable; good, bad or indifferent! 

Until the next time, enjoy your summer, and keep safe.

Love Pauline, Sam and Ollie xxxx 

Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

  • Reduces fighting, injury and noise
  • Reduces spraying and smelling
  • Much less likely to wander and get lost
  • Safer from diseases like feline AIDS, mammary tumours and feline leukaemia
  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens

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