Hi there and a very warm welcome to the deluge of new subscribers who emerged through the cat flap since the Christmas Mewsletter. There were dozens of you and it’s good to have you with us. Now – did you come as a result of listening to Carol Lake’s Christmas show on www.staffordradio.co.uk on Christmas Day?? She mentioned the Daily Mews in passing and really praised it – thank you, Carol.  Or was it via Mike Smith’s inspirational Hearts and Humour newsletter? However you got here, I’m glad you came, so stick around, pull up a chair, plonk a cat on your lap and enjoy the read.

On Carol’s show was a gentleman called Ned Edwards who makes fly screens. Originally their intended use was to cover windows to stop flies coming in but he received a strange request one day. Some one who lived on a houseboat wanted him to design a screen which would prevent their cat from going walkabouts (and, therefore, getting lost) from the boat. Ned managed to come up with a design which fitted the customer’s requirements and by word of mouth, his reputation spread. If you are interested in getting fly screens to put over your windows so that you can have the window open but stop the cat from falling out or escaping, take a look at www.cabincare.co.uk

You can telephone Ned on 01785 661172 or email him on info@cabincare.co.uk

Carol does a radio show every Sunday afternoon but on Sunday 5th February, she is going to do a feature on The Daily Mews website. Please listen to her show if you’re able to at www.staffordradio.co.uk  and then click on the ‘Like’ button so that the people running the show will have some encouragement as they’ve not been doing it very long. It will give them a boost. You can contact Carol during the show by email (the address will be given out during the show) so do tell her that you’re a Daily Mews subscriber and perhaps you can tell her how long you’ve been with the Daily Mews. 

I should mention that Carol is Willi Whiskers ‘mum’ and currently is helping Dumpty edit her diaries for the Purina Challenge and the Daily Mews.

If you’re interested in signing up to Mike’s Hearts and Humour weekly newsletter please contact him on the following link:


Be sure you mention that you’re from the Daily Mews.

It seems ages ago now that the manic build up to Christmas and New Year was upon us, doesn’t it? Now hardly 5 minutes after the last Christmas cracker was pulled, there is a mixture of Mothers Day cards, Easter Eggs and Valentine cards in the shops. Thank you to everyone who sent me actual cards through the post, and e-greeting cards and emails with Christmas greetings. You’re all lovely – thank you.

This time last year we were up to our collective armpits in snow – well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration – it was probably nearer the cats’ armpits than mine! But you get the picture – we had a lot of snow for the likes of us in England and we couldn’t cope with it. Today there was a sprinkling and fortunately for me The Other Half said he would post some mail for me to save me from having to go out in the cold. How kind is he! Hopefully that’s the last we’ll see of the cold white stuff. Yes, I know it looks pretty and for those foolhardy souls who like skiing I know it is necessary in order to ski – but now that I’m a ‘woman of a certain age’ I don’t like going out in it unless I really have to. So I’d be obliged if that sprinkling is all we’re going to see this winter. Roll on Spring, that’s what I say!  I know Ollie and Sam prefer the warmer weather. They’ve almost been Velcroed to the radiators since this cold spell.

And of course with the winter comes the dangers of anti-freeze again. Can I prevail on all of you to hot-paw it over to this website which has been created to raise awareness on the dangers of anti-freeze when two of the webmaster’s cats were poisoned, one losing his life.


I do know that a number of you have already voted for The Daily Mews in the About.com poll for the best cat website but for the ‘newbies’ who’ve just arrived, can I prostrate myself at your feet and ask you to just click on the link below and say why you like this website. I don’t know what the prize might be but just being nominated is high praise indeed and as we’re now in our 10th year it will be a wonderful accolade and testament of all that’s good in a cat website.

Click here: About.com Readers' Choice Awards Nomination: Best Website About Cats

Speaking of 10th year anniversaries, I would like to hear your suggestions for ways to celebrate this momentous occasion, so if you have any thoughts on how we can raise the roof, let down our hair, and any other body parts, please write to me at the usual address. Thanks. I really didn’t think when I began this website almost 10 years ago that I’d be still doing it now – and coping with the various health issues, and losing my beloved cats along the way. It’s been a good journey, with many blessings, but a lot of sadness too. But I’d like to celebrate in a good way so get your thinking caps on.

Let’s get on with the Mews!


 I want the author to the book titles below and if you have a website you can nominate it, or you can nominate a favourite site. A modest prize will be given for the first respondent so hurry up and don’t miss out!

Who wrote the following:

Animal Grief – How Animals Mourn

The Magical Journey of Swankypants

Maisie the Animal Minder

Send your answers to p.dewberry@ntlworld.com

Well done to Jared Kline, my faithful feline friend in Belgium who always does the Book Quiz – bless you, Jared. Your prize is on its way.

The correct answers to the previous Book Quiz are as follows:

Trinity the Lifeboat Cat by Sylvia Murphy

The Cat who came for Christmas by Cleveland Amory

Animals and the Afterlife by Kim Sheridan

I am Maru by Mugomogu

Yoga Cats – The Purrfect Workout by Dan Borris



Here’s the latest caption competition and you’ll just melt when you see this picture of little Dolly snuggled up to her big ‘brother’ Gorman. Be in with a chance of winning a small prize – enter by 21st February.


The previous Caption Competition was won by Mary J Bradley in the US. Well done, Mary – a prize will be on it’s way to you very shortly.


I have been sent this ‘funny’ several times and always thought I had it on the website. I don’t know what made me check, but I discovered that I DIDN’T have it, so here it is:



A Rescuer’s Prayer was in a Mewsletter that Arlene Sphikas sends out and she kindly gave me permission to put it on my website. It sums up what those of us who love animals with a passion feel when so many cats and dogs are so heartlessly abandoned, neglected, treated cruelly or just left to fend for themselves. I feel so hopeless at times but this prayer is heartfelt. Unfortunately I don’t know who wrote it and Google searches haven’t produced an author so if you know who wrote it, please let me know and I’ll credit it accordingly.


If you would like to receive Arlene’s wonderful Mewsletter which goes out every couple of weeks and is choc full of beautiful pictures, poems, articles and all sorts of feline gorgeousness email Arlene direct on: ASphikas@aol.com and please tell her that you’re a Daily Mews subscriber. 


Claire Hegarty B has written a blog about her love for the feral cats which came with the new house she moved into 4 years ago. They live happily in her garden and I just know you’re going to enjoy reading all about them. Here’s the introduction:


And here’s the first blog entry:


Mike Smith has written another instalment of life with Callie, the tortoiseshell kitten he rescued just before Christmas:



Follow the guidelines in this article in order to keep your cat safe throughout this winter time:



Arlene in the US sent me this link which I thought pretty funny:


Several people sent me this link of a kitten playing with an owl:


And also a number of you sent me this one of a kitten playing with a Pitbull:


This is one of those irritating games that get you addicted. Don’t blame me if you get no work done!


Here’s an amazing – but very worrying – story about a cat that survived two attempts to euthanize her:


Mike from Canada sent me this link of a cat mum hugging her baby kitten:


Mike in Idaho sent me the link of Koko the Gorilla and her kitten:


But here’s a new video of Koko with her new little kitties:


Marilyn in the US sent me this ‘aw’ collection:


Robert Blau in the US sent me this link:


Mary in the US sent me the link to a kitty cam from a cageless no kill rescue for kitties in Defiance Ohio. It is on 24/7.The lady who owns the rescue is Jacci Moss and she is a very special lady. Mary thought I might want to see for myself and then include the link in the next Mewsletter.

The name of the place is Friends of Felines Rescue Centre (FFRC) and the link to the cam is: 


The link to her web page (a work in progress, she is re-doing it):


and the FB page is Friends of Felines Rescue Centre and Earth Angels Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic. So please go and check it out and see if you can help with funds or donations of food, blankets etc.


Dumpty Roo has written a couple more entries of her diary. For those of you who are not familiar with Dumpty’s Diaries, she has been taking part in the Purina Challenge and as part of her ‘journey’ she had to keep a diary of how she felt while she was on the new diet. We are privileged to share her journey with her. Here are the links to the next few entries:





Jimmy, our resident Feline Correspondent, has written another heart-warming piece this month. Dear Jimmy, who recently had to have his eye removed, is feeling his age and admits to slowing down; is he becoming mellower? Read his article to find out:


I can see why Stormy’s nickname is Butterball as her latest diary entry gives us a clue as to the things that she likes to eat!



The Mewsletter Archive is now up to date (well, up to December 2011) and if you’d like to read back over the issues from last year, or any year back to 2002, then click on this link and then click on the year you’re interested in:



John Sterpe who lives in Florida has written a heart felt tribute to a wonderful golden ginger boy he called Goo-dee. You can read it here:


And that just about wraps it up for this month. I hope you’ll all have a safe winter. Valentine’s Day is coming up and my Sam will be 15 years of age – he spends his days asleep mostly, or guarding the cat flap against feline intruders. As I said before he is completely deaf but he has begun to understand some hand signals I make to let him know that his dinner (or any meal) is ready for him. Like hearing impaired people who speak louder, Sam’s miaow is very loud and he often seems to ‘speak’ when I’m on the telephone so that people on the other end of the line say to me in amazement, ‘is that Sam miaowing?’

Anyway, folks, take care and I’ll see you all hopefully at the end of February. Feedback is always welcome, good, bad or indifferent so do write.

With love, Pauline, Sam and Ollie xxxx


Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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