Hi Everyone, and a very warm welcome to the deluge of new subscribers who made their way through the cat flap of the Daily Mews Mansion since the last Mewsletter hit your inboxes. Speaking of deluges – the UK has experienced the wettest June for over 50 years but today as I’m writing this, there is a blue sky with only a few clouds, and hopefully after the last couple of rain free days, summer has arrived albeit belatedly.

The Significant Other and I enjoyed a fabulous holiday in Turkey towards the end of May; we didn’t see too many street cats and the few that we did happen to see were well looked after. We often saw different people walking along leaving a little pile of kibbles at the front paws of a patiently waiting cat and we noticed, as we went out at certain times of the day, that these cats would wait in the same places. After a few days, we realised why: they were waiting for their breakfast, lunch or supper to arrive. Some pretty smart cats I’d say!

Thank you to those of you who completed the survey I sent out and thank you to those of you who left comments. These are being analysed and I will let you know in a future issue the outcome. I believe that some of you may have experienced problems in accessing the survey although I don’t know why that should be and I couldn’t find an alternative way of presenting the survey to you. Unfortunately only 10% of subscribers completed the survey which is hugely disappointing, but to the 10% who did – THANK YOU VERY MUCH and your comments are very illuminating!

In the last Mewsletter I asked if you knew how long you’d been a subscriber and I think Marjorie Dorfman in the US can claim the prize as the longest serving subscriber having joined sometime in 2002. So Marjorie has been with me for the entire 10 years that the website has been operational; thank you Marjorie for your loyalty, friendship and the occasional articles you write for me. Bless you. Leny from Holland and Mike K from Canada joined sometime in 2004 and Jean C found me in 2005. Special thanks to you 4 and to everyone else who’s been with me through thick and thin with many of you becoming dear friends.     



The answers to the last Book Quiz are:

Learn to speak cat by Anthony Smith

A friend like Ben by Julia Romp

Cats Sleep Anywhere by Eleanor Farjeon

Well done to Jared in Belgium who was first off the mark and commiserations to Leny in Holland and Mike S in Idaho who were just pipped by Jared. A prize is on its way to Jared.   

I want the author to the book titles below and if you have a website you can nominate it, or you can nominate a favourite site. A modest prize will be given for the first respondent so hurry up and don’t miss out!

Who wrote the following:

The Devious Book for Cats

Famous Felines: Cats Lives in Fact and Faction

Psychic Cats

Send your answers to p.dewberry@ntlworld.com by 21st July.



We had a great response to Blacky’s picture and his ‘Mum’, Louise, chose Mary Bradley’s caption as the winner.  You can see all the entries here:


Here’s a picture of Billy, Timmy and Joey having an afternoon siesta; what captions can you come up with?



I don’t know where Patrick Roberts gets his stories from, or how he comes across them, but they really are very interesting. Here’s another gem of a story about a little one-eyed tortoiseshell called Midge (aged 12) who loved to run with her owner, Martin.



Charlie_at_playBiggles and Garfield were 7 years old when a little whirling dervish of a ginger and white kitten made his home with us; Charlie made our lives impossibly manic but incredibly fun – and I wouldn’t have missed the ride for a single moment:


Shortly after Charlie came to stay I went down with the flu; but I needn’t have worried, Biggles, Garfield and little Charlie had plenty up their sleeves to take care of me and entertain me:


Now you have your cat or kitten, you’ll need to know a few things to make life work for the little guy:


And of course, you need to give him a name that’s worthy of his royal status:


There is nothing that can prepare you for the sudden passing of your beloved cat; I wrote this article after I lost Biggles, who was Garfield’s brother:


Times are hard for virtually everyone right now but it is possible to beat the credit crunch




Last time Claire wrote about Dolly disappearing to have her babies. Finally, Dolly came back to see Claire with two kittens in tow. Read Claire’s latest blog about living with feral cats:


Shireen in Australia wrote about her cat, Chloe, who runs and hides when the basket comes out – she knows she’s going to the vets!



Ham in the US sent me a ton of links which I hope you’ll enjoy. This couple have taken the term ‘cat-house’ to new heights as you’ll see from the link:


Is this cat resting or staring?


This cat has learned how to open the freezer:


These cats are mirror boxing with each other:


This cat is amazing; just watch how high he can jump:


Vets are stumped as to what is causing ‘robotic’ disease in cats in the UK:


Kathy Pippig in the US sent me these links which are adorable:

A kitten having a nightmare:


And a cat being bottle fed:


Mike K in Canada sent me this lovely (short) video link of a dog and cat couple which will make you smile:

Mike S in Idaho sent me this link of the cutest little Persian kitty:


This next is a heart stopping rescue from Mike’s town of Caldwell, Idaho:


Cheryl in the US sent me this funny link of a lazy cat on a treadmill:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg1oszADX04 Maybe he should take a leaf out of Midge the runner’s book (see above in Amazing Cats)


Jimmy, our feline correspondent, may be 22 years of age; he may only have one eye and he may be slowing down a little but he still has plenty to say on matters which affect us all. If only we had someone like Jimmy for our Prime Minister – I’m sure the ills of the world would be sorted out in next to no time!


Little Dumpty Roo continues with her Mewsings about life living with Willi Whiskas, and the Gingie crew, and her Maid:


In the third part of Dumpty’s Mewsings, she ponders and is amazed by the hunting skills of her maid:


I don’t know if Stormy has the feline equivalent to ADHD (the hyperactive disorder that some children have) but her latest diary offering is a whirlwind of ‘stuff’ sure to leave you breathless.



There’s something about a person who takes on the unwanted, the left behind, the unloved and Jared in Belgium is just such a person. When someone left a tiny kitten on his door step with her eyes crusted shut, he didn’t hesitate to take her in, get veterinary help and he and his wife did everything they could for her. Sadly, Witteke, as they named her, only lived two short years but she was loved above all – something I’m sure Witteke knew. Read Jared’s moving tribute here:


Well, that about wraps it up for another month. I hope you all enjoy this issue of the Mewsletter and I welcome your feedback: good, bad or indifferent!

Until next time, have a great 4th of July to all who celebrate and watch the fireworks with your pets – keep them safe.

With love,

Pauline, Sam and Ollie xxx

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