Glen shaving my head 30th September 2016 Hi Everyone, and a very warm welcome to all the new subscribers who’ve recently joined us.  Well, summer has packed up and left although we Brits can’t complain – this is probably one of the best summers we’ve had in many years.  Thanksgiving (for non-Brits) and Christmas are just around the corner, the year is coming to an end.

Well, I did it.  I hosted the Big Coffee Morning and had my head shaved all for MacMillan Cancer Support.  I’ll put a picture in this Mewsletter online so you can see me – I’m already on Facebook so if you go to Facebook, look for Daily Mews (You’ll see Sam looking enthralled at washing machine TV and Billy and Timmy in their litter tray as kittens at the top of the page. 

A friend posted a video of my head being shaved which is on my Facebook page – scroll down a little bit and you’ll see the pictures and the video.

There is still time to make a donation if you want to – just click on this link.  If you’ve already donated, a huge mega thank you – you have joined the legion of many who are trying to fight cancer and stop it in its tracks.

If you’re nervous about online money transactions, you can always send me a cheque.  Email me and I’ll give you my address: make it payable to Macmillan Cancer Support.


Andrew Bloomfield has written a book ‘Call of the Cats’ which will be out in about a month’s time.  All sales will help pay for food for a group of feral cats that he is looking after and has taken responsibility for.  Look out for it available on Kindle and Amazon.


Last month, Tigger created a music quiz using initials to song titles – I still haven’t worked them all out and I was given the answers!

Jared Kline in Belgium was the first person with all the correct answers and he has received his signed copy of Tigger:  Memoir of a cosmopolitan cat.

Sally Langley, UK, will be given a special runner’s up prize. 

Thank you to everyone who took part.


No cat likes having a bath, and Tammy – Bilbo’s house mate – is no exception.

The bath


Let’s see how many sleuths find the answers to the five cat book titles this month.

Book Quiz end September


This month’s caption competition should be a corker – or should that be a ‘Chalky’?  Aoife McCann, who wrote that lovely piece about Meeting Chalky has kindly offered a prize for the winning caption this month.  The picture is of Chalky – and it’s a great one, so get your thinking caps on and come up with something original and you could win an awesome prize!

Caption Competition 60


For those of you that love James Colasanti Jr’s stories about his dogs, you’re in for a treat this month.

Keeping Kathy Company              


Casey writes about a recent event at the Daily Mews Offices where the garden was inundated with lots of legs.


Casey and Gibbs had their annual veterinary examinations recently and Casey had his booster while Gibbs had to have the first of a course of injections.

The vet


It’s been a while since our resident Guru and Agony Uncle Squirt put paw to keyboard to guide young Gabion Tzchugge of Tom Cat Towers because he’s been very busy elsewhere.  But we’re fortunate enough to have a nugget of his wisdom which has been dispensed to the young Gabe for your delight.

Bulky Bully


Raena is still learning the ropes about what it takes to be a service cat.  Fortunately, for her, big sister, Dezi is on paw to guide her:

Going back to our roots

Please hold Raena in your prayers on Saturday as she is being spayed.


Dumpty continues to regale us with her dinner dates – this time it’s a wily old fox and some hedgepigs

Ray Nard and the hedgepigs


Pet obesity is on the rise according to pet charity, PDSA, who run a fit club for overweight pets. Vet Vicki Larkham-Jones has written an article with shocking statistics. 

Takeaways and booze

After the recent shenanigans in the Daily Mews Office where fleas reigned supreme, I dug out a leaflet which the vet gave me ages ago and copied up the info.  Casey and Gibbs were given a new drop on flea treatment when they saw the vet a week or so ago and thankfully, they’ve stopped scratching. 

Fleas, ticks and lice – little breeders and suckers


Go to and you’ll see my message and a couple of pictures of me with a baldish head!


Looking after your cat’s teeth is vitally important for their future health.  I have to confess I’ve never tried to clean my cats’ teeth and Garfield had terrible plaque and tartar build-up which needed a couple of visits to the vet to deal with under anaesthetic.  As all anaesthetic carries risks, it’s best not to get to that stage.

How to keep your kitten smiling


October 27th is national Black Cat day and Jem has written a very interesting piece about black cats throughout history.

Black is good


I love the expression on this cat’s face as he rides around on a Roomba.  Have any of you got one? Have you tried to sit your cat on it to see if they’ll ride around?  Do send me pictures or videos if you have.

Cat riding on a Roomba

We all know that cats are going to take over the world, don’t we?  Gwen Cooper, who wrote Homer the blind cat, has put this amazing video on her page:

 I absolutely love this short video of a man trying to park his car and horse trailer while horses in a field laugh uncontrollably at his attempts.

Laughing horses


Denver wrote last month about the strange goings on in his home.  This month, he’s been seeking the advice of an older – and wiser – feline who’s shed some light on the mystery.

The mystery is finally resolved

I don’t know why, but Denver’s pictures have rotated to the left when I copied them over.  It happened with last month’s article as well and I spent ages rotating them and saving them, but each time I put them in the document on the website, they always published to the left.  Does anyone have any idea why this would happen and what I can do about it?? It is very frustrating, to say the least, not to mention the amount of time I waste trying to rectify it.  It seems to be an anomaly with pictures taken on mobile phones.  I’d be very grateful for any advice as I’m pulling my hair out.  Oh, wait, I’m already bald, so that’s a slight fib!


It must be hard to accept new things when you can’t see what it is.  Moet’s ‘Mum’ solved a problem of being woken up at all hours for food by getting new feeders.  Did Moet take to hers?

What’s this, a pet feeder?


It was necessary for Gibbs to have his own carrying basket when I took both him and Casey to the vet recently.  He was quite impressed with it and has written a few words about it:

I got me a nice cat basket

And that just about wraps it up for this month.  I do hope you enjoy this issue of the Mewsletter – and feedback is always welcome: good, bad or indifferent.

Till the next time,


Pauline – Editor in Chief

Casey – Right-Pawed Assistant to the Editor in Chief

Gibbs – Right-Pawed Assistant to the Right-Pawed Assistant to the Editor in Chief.




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