Hi and a huge Spring welcome to you all and our new subscribers.  Pull up a pew, plonk the cat on your lap and pour yourself your favourite tipple (mine’s a decaff cappuccino!) and enjoy the Mewsletter which has all the latest details of the new articles on the website.  Hope you all had a lovely Easter – the season of Renewal and Resurrection – but I hope you didn’t give your cats or dogs any chocolate – because that’s poisonous and could be fatal to them.

Before we get going, I have some very sad news to impart.  Lexi, of Dezi and Lexi – amazing Service Cats – very sadly had to be put to sleep on 9th March. She just couldn’t fight her kidney disease any longer and I know that Audra and Dezi are hurting badly.  Audra needs now – despite her grief – to find another kitten to train up to become a service cat as Dezi can’t do everything by herself. If you’re able to help Audra and Dezi financially, there is a PayPal link in Dezi’s piece which is detailed below.

On Easter Sunday, Garfield and his brother, Biggles, would have been 30 years old.  Biggles was just over 11 when he was run over and killed but Garfield surpassed everyone’s – including the vet’s – expectations and lived to the ripe age of 20 years and 3 months.

I’m going to try and set up a poll on the home page to see how old our most senior cat subscriber is but if I can’t do that, please just email me (at the usual address) with your cats’ ages.  And I’ll let you know next time about our most senior of senior kitizens!   

I was asked what ‘noms’ were (this was mentioned in Casey’s piece last month).  Noms just means ‘food’ but came about originally when – probably in a television advert – a cat and/or dog were seen eating their food. To highlight how good it tasted it was given a ‘sound’ which was ‘nom, nom, nom,’ in other words: this is good!’ Hope that clears up any queries about what noms are!

In Spring, there is a tendency for some people to dye their cats’ fur different colours to reflect the newness of Spring.  This is NOT, I repeat NOT, sensible or acceptable behaviour.  It is NOT funny, sweet, or any of the other adjectives they want to put on it to give themselves a reason/excuse for doing it.  It amounts to cruelty so if you see anyone’s cat that has been dyed, please report it to your local animal welfare or charity.  If you’re able to take photos to send to the charity or animal welfare organisation, please do so.  But under no circumstances dye your cats – or any pets – because the dye is very dangerous and full of horrible chemicals which can cause a lot of harm to the cat. If they groom themselves, they will ingest these chemicals.       

As from 6th April, in the UK, ALL dogs of six weeks and over HAVE to be microchipped. It will be the law.  I’m thinking that ALL cats should also be microchipped too because if ever they go missing, or get run over they can be scanned and returned to their families who will have closure.  There’s nothing worse than a cat going missing and not knowing what happened to him.

A couple of our articles reflect that this time; we have a cautionary tale from Carol Lake; an article on microchipping by Jem; and Squirt – our resident Agony Uncle – telling Gabion that his human did a good thing when he was microchipped.  Read on for more information about these items and more! 

Some veterinary practices are having a spay/neuter day for a tenner (that’s £10) on Sunday, April 3rd and for an additional £9.99 (that’s one penny less than £10) they’ll microchip as well.  Gibbs is booked in for his chip and chop although he doesn’t know it yet!  

Here’s a great new (to me) cat blog called ‘Catitude’ Pop over and say ‘Meow’ (after you’ve finished reading the latest Mewsletter of course and clicked on all the links!



In the first of our pieces highlighting the importance of getting your cat microchipped, Carol writes about a visitor to the feeding station on offer at Tom Cat Towers:

Tabby O’Malley – a cautionary tale


Audra, Dezi and Lexi’s Mommy, gave me permission to put Lexi’s last blog which goes out to all their followers and friends, on the website.  You’ll need tissues; I’ve read it several times and I’ve cried each time.

Please take care of Mommy


The importance of microchipping ANY pet you have cannot be stressed highly enough.  In Jem’s piece, he explains why it matters to get your cat microchipped.

Chips with everything


Floot, who lives on the Greek island of Thassos, has had a very eventful and stressful month which she shares with us here:

It’s been a dramatic month


Congratulations to Jared in Belgium once again who was first with all five correct answers.  You can see the answers here:

Book Quiz February

And now for this month’s Book Quiz:

Book Quiz March


Well done to Jim Willis, US, for his winning caption in February’s caption competition.  For a full list of all the caption entries, just click on the link below:

Caption competition 55

Now let’s see what you can do with this month’s competition.  Head over right now and let your imaginations run wild!

Caption competition 56

Send your answers to the Book Quiz and your entries to the Caption Competition to: pauline@thedailymews.com  by 20th April.  Thank you.



This month, we are spoiling you as we have a new column: ‘Catfucius he says …’

Based on the wisdom of Confucius, Squirt is teaching the young Gabion Tzchugge from Tom Cat Towers all about life.  There are three articles to start you off in this new – and very, very funny section:

Boy bits and the swagger walk

An open letter to Squirt from Chav Cat – a fallen feline

Sneaky sniffs

As time goes on, we’ll hear more from Gabion and Squirt.  Do let us know what you think of this new section – pauline@thedailymews.com


My friend Graham in the UK sent me this next link and I defy you not to smile or even chuckle as you watch this very short video.  I watched it half a dozen times and laughed out loud each time.

Friends Furever

My friend Ed Kostro, in the US sent me this next link about a ginger cat that comforted people in a cemetery.

Barney, the cemetery cat

You all know that next to cats, the orangutan is my favourite animal and I absolutely adored this short video clip of an orangutan who babysits some tiger cubs.

Orangutan babysits tiger cubs

We all know that cats (and dogs) are good at being companion animals (just read Dezi’s articles) but many of them perform miracles that often go unheralded.  Witness the transformation in little Iris as cat Thula helps her breakthrough her autism:

Iris and Thula

It’s a sad fact that many people still see the need to declaw their cats.  Please click on this Cole and Marmalade link to see a short video – don’t worry, it’s not graphic or nasty – just full of sensible advice.

Cole and Marmalade say: Don’t declaw your cats

This next link beggar’s belief on many counts:

Cat sent in box with DVDS



Bilbo’s latest article – a worrying piece about his bigger sister, Tammy, is on the Home Page; go to www.thedailymews.com and just scroll down a little bit.


Casey and Gibbs have had an interesting couple of weeks which they’re only just recovering from.  Here’s Casey’s view (with a few words from Gibbs) of things:

Tiaras and tantrums


It is hard work trying to lose weight (trust me, I know!) and when our bad habits affect our pets, then we know it’s time to put things right for them.  Indigo writes about his own plans for his weight loss journey this Spring:

My top 10 weight loss tips for Spring


Recently, the Times of Oman interviewed Moet about her life.  Moet has proudly written an account of that interview and how she was spoilt by everyone and she shares it with us now.

Diva for a day


Squirt has been very busy looking after Staff recently during her bereavement.  This month’s ‘Scribblings’ will take your breath away; it did mine.  What do you know about collective consciousness? Not a lot? Well, read Squirt’s latest column and you will be amazed at what animals are trying to do for our world.  I should have said – what anipals are doing for this world.

What is an anipal?


Dumpty Roo has very kindly donated her time this month to trying out Gourmet’s new range of soups for cats.

Read her review here:

Gourmet soups – how souper!

Not to be outdone, Gabion tried them out too and you can read his review here:

Love is … Gourmet soup

And that about wraps it up for this month.  Hope you enjoy all the articles – do let me have your feedback, good, bad or indifferent!

Till the next time,


Pauline – Editor in Chief

Casey – Right-Pawed Assistant Editor and Sofa Companion

Gibbs – Curious little boy – still with his ‘bits’ – but not for much longer!


Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

  • Reduces fighting, injury and noise
  • Reduces spraying and smelling
  • Much less likely to wander and get lost
  • Safer from diseases like feline AIDS, mammary tumours and feline leukaemia
  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens