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It’s here!  Christmas is here!!!  And here’s your Bumper Christmas Mewsletter with all things festive and furry.

I owe Floot (the Blue-Eyed Cat) an apology because in the last Mewsletter I called Floot a ‘she’ when in fact, he’s a he!  My sincere apologies, Floot.




It seems as if Ellen’s cats have a better Christmas in her house than the humans do!  Here’s the latest episode in her great series:

Part 11 – It’s Christmas!!!


Gabion, the kitten, was the last one of his litter left in the cattery; he watched as his brothers and sisters all found new homes – and new humans – in time for Christmas.  Suddenly, the lady with the kind brown eyes returned – was he to have his own human in time for Christmas? Read Carol’s poignant story to find out:

A human isn’t just for Christmas, a human is for life

Gabion is also experiencing his first Christmas with his own human and Carol has written a lovely poem which encapsulates his wonderment:

It was the night before Christmas


We’re very fortunate here at the Daily Mews office to have our very own resident Agony Uncle.  Squirt very kindly stepped in and to date, he’s offered some very sound advice to the plethora of pussies with their problems.  Gabion, (he’s been quite prolific this month!) has written with a very real problem and Squirt, being Squirt, has given his honest and down to earth opinion.  You can read their exchange here:

Boy bits and the swagger walk


I moved Dezi and Lexi’s column from ‘Cat Chat’ to ‘Articles’ so I hope you all don’t mind the change in scenery!  Due to a mix-up (mine) I didn’t put Dezi’s November Thanksgiving article on the website.  I’m very sorry for the omission.  Here it is now:

Deztinee’s Thanksgiving 

Dezi and Lexi’s Christmas article has such a powerful message that I’ve put it on the home page. Go to www.thedailymews.com and scroll down just a little bit and you’ll see: Share the love.  Thank you girls for a wonderful and very timely reminder to do just that.


James is the master storyteller when it comes to stories about dogs.  This story is no exception and you’ll be weeping at the poignancy of it.

Mr MacAfee’s Magical Mischief


I wonder what would happen if Santa went on strike!  Well, wonder no more because Jem Vanston has written a very funny – but thought-provoking poem – on just that subject.

Santa goes on strike!


I was thinking about my Sam the other day (missing him) and suddenly an idea came into my head for the Christmas story.  I hope you like it.  My thanks to Jem Vanston who trawled the Internet for the images for me!

Touched by an angel


Congratulations to Jared Kline in Belgium for being first with all 5 correct answers to the last book quiz.  Click on the link to see the authors:

Book Quiz

The Book Quiz is taking a break now until next year sometime. 


Last month’s caption competition didn’t net many entries but thank you to the three who did take part!  Congratulations to Jamaka Petzak from the US who had the winning caption.  To see a full list of the entries, please click on the link:

Caption competition 53

For this month’s caption, please click here:

Caption competition 54

Please send your captions to pauline@thedailymews.com by February 5th, 2016.  Thank you.



Bilbo tells an amazing story which will have you retrieving your eyebrows from the ceiling. I was fascinated, I can tell you!

The Legend of the Peruvian Cat


Casey was incensed recently when Gibbs alerted him to a heinous crime which had been committed in his toybox.

Season of goodwill – pfft!


Well, reading Indy’s latest suggestions for staying on track this Christmas time helped to strengthen my resolve for my own dieting endeavours.  Way to go Indy – and good luck with your own belly busting resolutions.  

Sensible holiday eating when you’re on a diet


Moet has written a heart-felt letter to Santa Paws.

Dear Santa


We’re coming to the end of the Toff Cat series written by the incredibly talented and funny Carol Lake.  But don’t worry, Carol has lots more wacky ideas in that over-wired brain of hers so this isn’t the last we’ll see of her.

Officially the ex-brother-in-law

Saint Ripsnorter and the Ancient Order of Morris Men of Sozzlebury

Tequila Trotbottom

Christmas comes to Sozzlebury


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JACK STEWART – If you want something a bit different and are open to new things, then Jack’s website is for you:



Many breeds are handed in or surrendered for adoption when the going gets tough, but Maine Coon Adoptions takes in all the cats that come its way.

Maine Coon Adoptions

MIKE SMITH – Mike sends out monthly inspirational newsletters guaranteed to make you think, smile, laugh and occasionally, cry. There is also a prayer list you can add your prayers to:

Hearts and Humor

I hope these websites will be of interest to you.

Earla Hollon in the US sent me this link of something special that happened in a supermarket in Germany:

Special Christmas

If only all supermarkets would embrace the spirit of Christmas.

Mike Smith in the US included this next link in his own newsletter which was sent out earlier this month.  Silent Night is my favourite Christmas carol of all time and here it’s sung by Placido Domingo – awesome.

Silent Night 

Here’s another rendition of this wonderful carol ‘sung’ – and I use the term loosely! – by cats and dogs:

Silent Night

And yet another version by the Jingle Cats:

Silent Night

You know that I love Flash Mobs – well this is a really joyous happening in a shopping mall:

Ding Dong Merrily on High

Earla Hollon sent me this wonderful link to a very special flash mob which took place in the Smithsonian Institute:

Joy to the World

It has broken all box-office records on opening within the first couple of days, so it’s quite apt that we found a whole section devoted to:

Jedi Kitten – the Force Awakens

Jedi Kittens strike back


Jamaka Petzak wrote a couple of weeks ago to tell me that her beloved senior Kitizen – aged 21- had recently passed. She writes a moving tribute to Sammi, the Maine Coon who had already spent several years with his first carers, but when they were unable to take care of him for health reasons, Jamaka gave him a home.

Fly free, Birdman

And that just about wraps it up for this issue and this year.  I’m taking January off so that I can devote time to editing Ollie’s Diaries but I’ll be back in time for Valentine’s Day.  If you have any urgent problems you want me to deal with please mark your email: URGENT so it will attract my attention, otherwise I’m not planning to deal with any emails as they are a distraction. 

If you have any anecdotes about your own cats, please send them in the usual way with good clear pictures, and if you have any pictures of your own cats that you’d like to see for the Caption Competition, then do send them to me.

My Christmas message is on the Home Page just above Dezi and Lexi’s message, so go to www.thedailymews.com and scroll down a bit – you’ll see my message first, followed by theirs.  I do hope you enjoy this Mewsletter and all the content that my fabulous team of amazing writers have produced for us all; your feedback – good, bad or indifferent – is always greatly appreciated.

It just remains for Casey to join me in wishing you all a very happy Christmas and purrfilled blessings throughout 2016.

With love

Pauline – Editor-in-Chief

Casey – Trying to turn the other whisker but still incensed at losing all his catnip toys when George the Rotund peed in his toybox


One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)