Nearly every animal-person knows "The Legend of the Rainbow Bridge," which is usually distributed unattributed, or Author Unknown, or lists the author as Paul Dahm, copyright 1997.  

A rescue friend informed me that the true author is William N. Britton, and his story is Copyright 1994. He published the charming story with illustrations by Rob Rawson in 1996.

It's listed as out-of-print with most on-line booksellers and one of the only sites I've found that still offers the book for sale is: (*this website address is coming up with errors, unfortunately - ed)

Mr. Britton along with his late wife is the co-founder of Companion Golden Retriever Rescue in West Jordan, Utah.

(I also learned that the Rainbow Bridge comes from Norse mythology and the gods used the bridge to cross from heaven to earth.)


If you have Mr. Britton's story on your site, please consider attributing it with the correct copyright notice. I doubt he objects to anyone using it - it's my understanding that it is the second most translated animal-related story. (I'm not sure which side of the Bridge Mr. Britton is on these days, but his touching tale continues to comfort thousands of animal-people and he deserves to be credited as the author.)

Jim Willis

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(I've done some research and that there is a new hardback full colour version of the book, the Legend of Rainbow Bridge by William N Britton which you can purchase from this website:  - Ed)

The legend of Rainbow Bridge 

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