caption competition 32 - Billy in the bag


This is a picture of Billy in the Bag and Timmy looking on.
What do you think they might be saying to each other?
Can you come up with a witty caption?
Send your entries (no more than five please) to: by 10th December 2012

Azar (Ace) Attura : Arlington, VA, USA :~


Alice: Western Kentucky, USA :~

Timmy: 'Hey, let’s play a game. You get in the bag Billy.' Billy gets in bag, and then Timmy says: ‘Ok, here's the rules; get in there real good and snug and shut your eyes and wait for it’ --

Billy is looking at us for answers, ‘is this a real game?’ Without even looking at each other, their purrs and before-hand body language had it all mapped out. 'We're going to have to work together on this.'

Billy slinks into the bag. 'You're going to have to trust me,' says Timmy-kitty, 'just ... w..... ait for it. We are about to get all the loves … cuz we are too cute.'

Billy: 'How long should we wait before someone notices?'
Timmy: 'Wait! Cats do not wait.' 


Helen Bilowus, Lackawanna, New York :~

No fair Mom. You didn't count long enough so I could hide too. 

Jamaka Petzak, California, USA :~

Golden-Striped Cat Sale! BOGO 50% off! 

 'Stay in there until you're all orange like me!' 

CAT SALE: Golden and Creamsickle! Come early for best selection!

Treasures on offer. Paper, no plastic, or bring your own bag.

'Orange. It's contagious!'

Mick Smith, Idaho, USA :~

'Jeeze, Billy! You're supposed to do that in the box.'

'Hey, Timmy. I'm dressing up as a bag lady on Halloween.'

'Timmy, when I fart in here, it only takes .6 seconds for the smell to reach my nose and rattles the bag so loud, it sounds like a motorcycle.'

'You look like a fool, Timmy! At least I dressed up for our portrait.'

'HA! The ol' "I saw mouse in the bag" trick gets him every time.'

Mary Bradley, Texas, USA :~

Timmy: ‘Moooom he isn't sharing…’  Billy: ‘I don't want to share my space!’ 

Rose Varga, Massachusetts, USA :~

‘Ok. The cat is out of the bag ... well one of us is.’ 

Winning Entry from Rose

‘No she can't see you - the bag made you invisible!’

One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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