Moet on the balconyI love the great outdoors, roaming, exploring, chasing and … oh, OK, I love our balcony. It’s not very big and I’m still hopeful we’ll have a garden one day, but for now, I love my outside area, cat tree, kitty grass and the many bugs that frequent the area.

My mum sure does look after us well.

Perhaps I need to get her a thank you gift? Yes, great idea, I’ll speak to Cosmo, Luna and Lily about it as well. *puffs up fluff feeling very proud of the good idea*.

After a short conflab, we decided to find something from the great outdoors to surprise mum with. However, it wasn’t easy, as there aren’t really that many passers-by and catching them is very tricky. But we decided we’d wait for the next ‘opportunity’ as most of the available options that did appear would be prized gifts for mum.

We waited and waited. A butterfly chanced into my scouting area, but sadly, it floated off before I could launch myself. I sat down patiently. Day became night and mum went to bed. Lily, not being up for anything much, went with her, but Luna, Cosmo and I stayed out; we really had to give mum a gift soon, or she’d think we didn’t appreciate all of our treats, toys and cuddles!

Moet chasing a bugThen it happened… a cricket stumbled onto one of the plants. YES! Cosmo patted it. “Not like that” I scolded. But as I don’t see too well, I asked Luna to do the honours. Luna is an ace hunter and always up for the challenge. She swatted and batted and pawed and finally she got it inside. Success was ours, oh I felt so happy and proud. I took my turn keeping it safe under my paw and when I needed a break, Cosmo and Luna took over. Eventually it hid behind one of our scratchers. Well, at least we knew where it was and it couldn’t escape with us three around the scratcher.

Oh, mum will be so pleased!

Cosmo and MoetThe long night passed and I went off to take a nap before dawn. When mum got up, she thought it was odd that we weren’t all on the bed with her, but she got up to prepare our breakfast. Then she saw us, all crowded round the scratcher. She looked tentatively at it, but I stood there proudly waiting to present her with her special gift. She moved the scratcher nervously and the cricket popped up and bounced at her. Yay – how wonderful! “Arrrrrgh” said mum and jumped backwards.

Oh no, doesn’t she like it?? She didn’t seem to at all. In fact, she got that horrible ‘broom’ thing and started sweeping it towards the front door. Oh, no mum, don’t throw your gift out! And anyway, it’s a great toy. Surely, she wouldn’t. I went over and put my paw over it to guard it. If she really didn’t want it, I wasn’t going to give it up and looked forward to a day of ‘chase the cricket’.

But then, all of a sudden, it had gone. I lay forlornly on the floor where it had been, sniffing around for it; feeling for it with my paw. But it really wasn’t there anymore. 

I did sulk for a whole five minutes until mum served breakfast with extra treats. I ate and just kept a little thought in the back of my mind… I wonder what the next gift will be…?

Till the next time,


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The Very Best Toy for Cats

"Of all the [cat] toys available, none is better designed than the owner himself. A large multipurpose plaything, its parts can be made to move in almost any direction. It comes completely assembled, and it makes a noise when you jump on it."

Stephen Baker