I’m a lively girl. I like to sing (squeak) and dance (play) and all at just the wrong times for mum. My favourite time to sing and dance is around 4am, sometimes earlier and as a result, mum has been getting to this ‘work’ thing very early.

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. I’m hungry, so I do my thing and mum gets up to feed me. I have, however, noticed that sometimes she doesn’t seem so happy about it and staggers out of bed. Maybe she’s getting old. No, it must be something else. But to me, 4am is totally reasonable.

In a vain effort to, as she puts it, ‘let her sleep’, she brought these weird new things into the house that were supposed to do just that.

When they arrived, I liked the boxes best. Nice big things with just enough room to squeeze in and take a nap. Most annoyingly, she disposed of them a few hours later and we were left with these other, rather weird shaped plastic ‘boxes’ with all sorts of shapes cut out of them. She seemed really excited. I wasn’t.

She said they were microchip pet feeders and that each feeder could be programmed to read the chips of up to 30 or so cats and then, once set, would only open for those cats. Hmmmmm. It sounded very dodgy to me. Anyway, she had purchased two, one for me (with, I must add, a rather nice matching pink bowl and mat) and one for Cosmo and Lily to share. Poor Luna doesn’t get one as she’s greedy and on a diet. But mum said she may get one for her just so she doesn’t feel left out.

So, all programmed and ready to go – apparently it’s very easy to set up and they even have a ‘training’ mode so that we can get used to them and the weird sound they make when the lids open and close.

We just sit there staring at them. I mean, seriously, she wants us to eat out of that?! I’m a “fussy madam” and at the worst of times I will only eat if the food is presented to me on exactly the right square of floor – and by mum, not by a plastic spaceship thing.

After bribing us repeatedly with our favourite treats, we seemed to be making some progress. I’d now eat out of the dish and off the mat, but I still didn’t like the noise. I did slowly get used to it, but suffered a major setback when the TV suddenly came on when I went to eat. Really?? This thing turns on appliances too? Oh my. I wasn’t sure I liked that any more. Would the hoover come on next? If it did, I was out of there. Cats + hoovers = horror.

Mum did try to assure me it was something she termed ‘coincidence’ but I didn’t believe a word of it. I’d have to experiment. So slowly, I approached the feeder. Paused, listened for the TV, the hoover, the blender, the AC, anything… nothing. Phew! I can eat in peace.

Over time, I have come to use my feeder with style. Eating all the biscuits mum leaves out for me at the most inopportune times, leaving none for the long periods mum is out at work or the nights, when she’s asleep. Well, I can’t help it; I know there’s food in there, so I have to eat it, right? It’s genius – food on demand.

The only problem is, I’m still very hungry at 4am after polishing off my biscuits at midnight and so after all that effort, I’m just turning into a chunky monkey and mum is still gracing my food bowl personally at 4am.

Ahhh, life is good.

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