Ah, what would a lady love from her Cupid? A little romance, a little love? I know what I want; a lot of nip and a LOT of pampering! But not from just any cat, but from my two special beaus. One is called Basil and he’s a floofy Persian from England. The other is a sleek black panfur called Otis and he lives in Canada. Both are the sweetest boys ever and I can assure you, they treat me like a lady.

But if I could add a few extras for my knights in shining armour, what would they be? After all, it’s Valentine’s day and we all deserve to dream…

Being an active girl who loves to play, chase and climb, I’ve already been showered with quite a few toys and cat trees. But a lady can never have too many. I’m thinking of a little black velvet number – cat trees, not a dress, in case you wondered. Something that would be simply luxurious to snuggle up with my beaus on and sharpen our claws together. Hey Basil and Otis, we could try a little synchronised sharpening. 

My knights may then woo me with nip toys, Thrive chicken treats and perhaps a bottle of my namesake; Moet. I do like pink, so I think the pink jewel-encrusted one will be just purrrfect.

BasilThen, we must explore. I would like some grass and some snow to experience. These magic things are not available to me and any suitor who brings these items will surely be lavished with love and licks. My beaus can help me to make a snowcat and then we can lounge on the grass afterwards, perhaps with a little fresh tuna or chicken. Hey, we could even eat some grass; I heard this is the done thing!

After all that fun and food, there’s nothing like a little wash. I hope my boys will be able to give me ample head washes and maybe a paw wash or too. I do find those places hard to reach and boy, it feels sooooo good to be washed and groomed. I promise not to let my ears get too dirty beforehand.

A little more nip, a little more Moet, a little more playtime and if we’re lucky, we can all watch OtisAnimal Planet together. Then we’ll all curl up, paws-in-paws, for a night of snuggles on my mum’s bed (sorry mum, I hope you don’t mind?), to round off a blissful day.

*sighs wistfully*. I wonder if my cupid is out there to bring me my beaus and my special Valentines?

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One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)