My name is Storm and I am 10 weeks old.  I was born sometime around September 11 which seems to stir up feelings in the humans I have met. 

My mummy did not want me and ran away so I stayed for a while with some other cats that this lady had.  Then one day when I was 7 weeks old these people came and looked at me and said things like “isn’t he cute?” and  “Ah he’s lovely”, but I already knew these things. 

Anyway they stuck me in a box with a place at the end that I could see out of.  Then they took me through the door into the place I am not allowed to go and it was cold and wet and the wind was blowing. Anyway after a short time we were in the warm again in a small room that rocked around. 

After a while I was taken back into the cold and wet and then into a bigger room.  There was another cat there but he was not nice like the other cats at the other place.  He hissed and whined and ran away.  Anyway I was told to ignore him and after a few days he would not leave me alone!  He keeps licking me!

I like my new home except for when I tried to go outside like my friend Smokey.  He was outside because I could see him through the door but when I tried to jump after him I bounced back indoors again with my head hurting.  The people I own said something like, “the daft kitten tried to jump through the glass”. 

I can get up the stairs now and when I am not playing with my toys I sometimes I play peek-a-boo through the ranch bars that run up the stairs but I went a bit too far through them yesterday.  I was trying to reach the man I own and put my head and front paws through the bars, overbalanced and slid down the bars to the bottom of the stairs.  Hey ho, I won’t do that again.

Oh, Oh here comes Smokey.  Think I’ll just hide behind this chair and leap out at him.  Then I’ll go and nick his bed.  He doesn’t mind much – he just comes and sits on me!

Life is never dull around me.

Storm (UK)

Storm has written an extract from his diary:


In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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