Denver in his kittygroOWWWWWWW!

A friendly warning - watch out for brambles and wire.

I was enjoying a lovely walk while Mum was away at this workies lark when I suddenly felt a tear in my shoulder. I groomed it a bit and went home. Mum noticed it and she thought I'd got some oil in my coat, so she bathed it with some warm water.

By the time she came home from her evening meeting, it had torn open. Mum rang the emergency Vet mentioning an abscess, and took me in on Thursday morning (taking the morning off work too – thanks, Mum’s workplace!)

Oh, dear - a big needle went in my leg and I was out for the count. When I woke up, I'd been stitched up like a kipper but it was worse when I was collected - the Vet dressed me in a Kitty Babygro to protect the wound. So embarrassing and no good for one’s street cred.

On Friday night, the wound had opened again slightly and this time it was worse, I couldn't have any more stitches so they put STAPLES in. It hurt even worse than before AND I have had to wear a COS as well as the kittygro.

I can't fit through the cat flap but at least Mum is always well prepared with the tray and litter but it's so boring and at the time of writing I've still got 5 days at least of the cone and jumper.

So be careful my friends - Autumn may be a lovely time but keep those eyes open for hidden dangers.


For those of you that might be wondering what a COS is: it’s the Cone Of Shame!

In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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