Hi everyone, my name is Denver from the UK (Mum tells me this Mewsletter goes international, so I'd better put where I live!).

DenverI came to live with my Mum about 2 years ago. She lives next door to the house where I was born, and you have already heard from Mischa, who reviewed a "Catnip Carrot" before she sadly went to live at Rainbow Bridge, February 2014 (I'm sure your Editor will be able to tell you where on this site that review is - and I like it too!).

Sadly, my birth humans couldn't keep me when they moved in July 2014, and, knowing my Mum had just lost Mischa (and how I loved visiting them both, even if Mischa was throwing a hissy fit every time) offered me to her. I was delighted, but I knew I had to convince Mum to adopt me (she was in two minds about adopting another cat), so I engaged Charm Offensive 101 and it worked. I've had a happy two years so far; Mum is everything I want in a human - warm, loving, good lap to snuggle in, microchip cat flap to keep out unwelcome guests (even if she does worry constantly about me). I know she loves me - even if I do bring her the odd (live) gift. 

DenverWork arrangements were good - she had a steady job she loved (part time) and had been there for nearly 16 years at the start of 2016. It worked well, enough money coming in and Mum at home for some of the week too for lappy time on demand. Sadly, in January 2016 she was made redundant due to branch mergers, but for me it has been FANTASTIC - she has been at home for most of every single day doing something called "actively seeking work" and she has been - 127 job applications made in 7 months, and hundreds more looked at every single week that she didn't have the experience for. 

I've done my best to support her - walking over the laptop keyboard as a distraction (not sure if she appreciated it or not), and giving her nuzzles to cheer her up. But I've noticed a change in her since late Aug - she's smiling more, looking less worried and she's stopped her work seeking too. My whiskers detect a definite change in our circumstances - and I'm getting worried - she's started changing my meal times to 7am and 6pm which suggests a new job with longer hours may be on the way..............

DenverI'll write more next month - I'm off for a nap to think things through. 



Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

  • Reduces fighting, injury and noise
  • Reduces spraying and smelling
  • Much less likely to wander and get lost
  • Safer from diseases like feline AIDS, mammary tumours and feline leukaemia
  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens

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