How I loved my new environment. My name is Madame Sneakers, soon you will know why and all my “purr-fect purr-sonalities”.

Madame SneakersI was a purr-sonalized match for my family. Let me explain. I was born a feral in my family’s backyard. At around two weeks of age, my Mother abandoned me or she forgot to come and get me as she was taking the other kittens in my litter to warmer place. That’s when Mom (my new human Mom) found me sitting on a patio chair on a cold, sleety, freezing October day in 2013. She was baking in her kitchen and saw me from the window.

She brought me in from the cold and gave me shelter and warmth and love. Yes, I did sneak into their wonderful pam-purred world! I found my purr-manent home here on earth! 

I knew I belonged when my new Mom sang to me gently the song "jee-purrs, cree-purrs, where'd ya get those pee-purrs" as she hand fed me every 2 hrs.

I was known to be quite a private investigator as I worked undercover, stayed out of trouble and kept family secrets well. I was an instant admirer of my purr-fect family that included 4 supurr-lative pups and 5 other purr-ky feral cats. Instant love!

I showered them immediately with my purr-formances, purrs, head-butting and lots of lap time and whis-purred kisses for and from my brothers and sisters.

I was Mom and Dad's love bug and would seek their tender hands to care for my fragile ways and truly enjoyed our play together times and quiet times and pam-purred times. We had so much in common!

Madame SneakersI was a great director for my family too! I supurr-vised everything!  I would check out to see what was going on as I purr-ched at the windows, closets and follow or lead whatever we were cleaning that day close by Mom's ankles, every step she took I was there. How I loved her purr-fume! I loved to fit my socializing and nap times and could multi-task that extremely well.

I was told I was the best sidekick for them all. I loved to travel with them to visit relatives in another state. I loved that attention they gave me.

I loved being their purr-sonal assistant as well. I would walk on Mom's computer keyboard, sit in Dad's coveralls and be on watch, be in control of the remotes for the TV and Stereo too! I loved when I was swaddled in my clean warm towels and on their laps or in their arms and helped them to relax especially after all the chores were done. How they ever managed without me I will never know ...

I was a very understanding, purr-missable kitten who knew the score and always level headed and handled anything with purr-pose, poise and grace my Mom and Dad told me and rest of the fur babies. My love for them they found extremely valuable.

I was known as the smallest party animal as well as they surrounded me when I explored my universe. I could make a toy out of anything such as miniature marshmallow or fruitloops and what fun we had batting them and scam-purring around the clean kitchen floor or me toting them around the house to be played with later and purr-suading them to follow me where I would put things. There was much laughter and storytelling going on about our purr-petual playtimes.

Being the smallest and tiniest I did things in big ways! Yes, that certainly was me! Showing lots of love and affection and making memories along the way that were unforgettable.

As I said earlier, I was a fragile tiny kitten. Every 2 weeks we went to my Vet. When I was almost 6 months old, at the visit to my Vet, she explained to Mom and I that I had a disorder called Portosystemic shunt (liver shunt) in cats due to no weight gain or growth. I remained 1 lb. 2 oz.  Three days later I met my Maker.

Madame Sneaker’s Human Mom takes up the story:

We still feel the pressure of her sweetness in our arms and at our ankles and thank the Lord for His purr-mission for allowing this angel in our hearts forever.

Madame Sneaker’s spirit still purr-meates the air around us as her brothers and sisters continue playing with the miniature marshmallows and fruitloops ... we smile as she was the one that instigated that game which, in turn,  created our memories. Heavenly fulfilment here on earth!! We will see you in heaven. May the ins-purr-ation of Saint Francis of Assisi be with you always.

To read Becky’s tribute to Madame Sneakers, please click here:



Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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